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Title: Shake It: Bad Boy Gets Punishment

Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Kai/Kyungsoo, Lay/Suho

Genre: Romance, Smut, Fluff

Warning: Fem!Baekhyun, Fem!Kyungsoo, Fem!Suho

Length: 4 chapters

Summary: The leader of the sexy dance cover group shakes the interest of the head of the agency, the youngest in the group shakes a poor fan boy’s heart, and the both of them inspire a fan girl to be confident like them and she meets a dance coach to teach her right.

dance with me.jpg

Dance With Me

After taking his dream girl to meet his two dancer girls, Yixing gets her phone numbers and he sends her off at the entrance. He makes some weird gestures, chanting ‘yes, yes, yes!’ again and again.

It takes him no more than three hours after he drives each girl home and he settles back in his room, taking his phone out and he begins to type a text message to the girl of his dream for a meet up. They exchange some text messages and it makes Yixing giggling like a mad man, thumping his feet up and down on his bed.

The next day is full of cleaning for his whole house, until the clock hits at eleven and the bell is ringing. Yixing drops the cloth and goes to answer the door.

Joonmyeon is standing there, fidgeting on her feet. She looks up, bowing in panic. “H-Hello! I’m sorry for being l-late!”

Yixing laughs. “You are not late. Come in, come in!”

They get inside and he locks his eyes on the girl who is staring around shyly, in awe. He smiles secretly and leads her to the dance studio on the other part of his apartment. Joonmyeon whispers a soft ‘excuse me’ while she steps into the studio. Yixing flicks the light on and she yelps in surprise.

“This is my studio. Are you ready to learn?” He asks, staring at the girl. Joonmyeon fiddles with her fingers, her eyes looking up at him from behind her glasses. “But… I-I don’t have any t-talent.”

Yixing laughs. “It’s okay! You don’t have to worry about anything. We can start from the basic.”

Joonmyeon nods and Yixing makes his way to the corner to start the music. The girl looks shy as she stands in the middle of the room. Yixing smiles and claps his hands. “Now first, can you show me your basic dance? Just a free style, it’s okay.”

She looks hesitating yet Yixing waits patiently. Joonmyeon starts moving her hands up and down, her little feet step left to right. Yixing sighs fondly, she is being too cute. Sure, she dances in the old grandma style but everything she does is so fucking cute. He can’t help himself from falling even more.

“Okay.” Yixing mutters, smiling in amusement at the embarrassed girl. Joonmyeon lets out a small whimper and she bends her head down. Looking at that, Yixing grins. “Do you want to see me dance first?”

“Can I?” She looks up, eyes round and twinkling. Yixing nods. He tells her to stand by the other side as he starts a more upbeat music. In no more than a few seconds, he dances as if it’s his own performance, doing body waves and hips rolls, even b-boy-ing.

Once he is done, Joonmyeon is clapping her hands, smiling so brightly. “You are so amazing! That’s so cool! How long did you learn to dance?”

Yixing chuckles, “I started since I was eight.”

“Woooaahhh.” Joonmyeon makes a sound and Yixing laughs, throwing his head back. She is too damn cute.

“Now, let’s start your lesson?” He offers. Joonmyeon gives him a shy smile before they start the day.

One lesson turns into two, and two turns into three. Three grows into four and four to five, five to six. They get along very well, with Yixing who can coax her to open up and not to be too shy in front of the mirror. Joonmyeon gains her confidence and she can laugh openly now, rather than covering her mouth with her hand.

She was a terrible dancer at first, but then she slowly grows better and now she can do the routine of body waves. It’s good for her development, but it’s not good for Yixing, because the guy can’t help himself from wanting more from the girl.

Joonmyeon is such a sweet girl. She is very polite and kind, a bit naïve and gullible, but she is friendly when she gets to know the other person. Yixing sighs fondly, holding a palm against his cheek while he stares at her telling the story about her grandma’s little kitten mewing and asking for its food. Her eyes twinkle when she talks and her tiny fingers make cute gestures to emphasize the storytelling. Oh, how he wants her to be his fully.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she whispers an apology, “is my story boring?”

Yixing comes back to reality after daydreaming about her. “No, no! I’m listening. Don’t worry, hm?” He reaches to ruffle her hair. Joonmyeon bends her head down, nodding and hiding her shy smile.

As days go by, Joonmyeon starts to be better in her dance. She has lots of aegyo and Yixing can’t stand it. She tells him about how she is watching BaekSoo’s videos and she tries to imitate one dance routine. Yixing chokes on his saliva when she texts him about wanting to show him tomorrow.

On the next day, the rain falls quite heavy and Yixing waits anxiously. What if Joonmyeon gets caught under the rain? She could be sick. Should he text her and tell her that she doesn’t have to come today?

Ding dong. The bell rings and Yixing scrambles from the couch, almost tripping on the waste bin. He makes his way to the door, ripping it open and finding a drenched Joonmyeon standing there.

“Oh gosh.” He mutters, scurrying to lead the girl inside. Joonmyeon is shaking like a leaf and he pushes her into the bathroom. He tries to dry her with many towels and Joonmyeon even giggles at him. “I’m okay.” She whispers.

Yixing leaves her to fetch his clean clothes to lend to her. She can’t stay in her wet clothes or she would be sick. Joonmyeon comes out of the bathroom, wearing his big t-shirt and his house sweatpants. The t-shirt hangs on one shoulder and she keeps pulling it up. The sweatpants are too big for her and she ties the string tightly, but they still hand loosely around her hips.

“Do I look funny?” She asks, tilting her head. Her glasses are drenched and her face is clear from any cover. Yixing feels his breathe gets stuck in his chest from how beautiful she is even though she looks like a mess.

He gets close. “No, you look beautiful as always.” He whispers softly, drying her damp locks with the towel. Joonmyeon gulps, bending her head down and thanking the towel to hide her pink cheeks.

“Are you cold?”

“A bit,” she mutters, “but I can warm myself with dance. I want to show you what I practiced.”

And that’s how Yixing is sitting on the chair, fidgeting nervously while Joonmyeon is jumping and doing some hips rolls while trying to match the song. She still has so many to learn, her joints are too stiff and she still trips over her own leg, but the way she moves is too… daring. BaekSoo’s dances are all provocative and sexy and they have a lot of dance moves involving chest popping and booty rolling. Yixing doesn’t expect to see the supposedly shy Joonmyeon to even try to do all of those.

Moreover with her dancing in his clothes, Yixing could hardly hold himself back. He is too deep for her already.

When she finishes, she glances at him, panting and waiting with a smile. Yixing shakes his head, clearing his throat.

“Uh, finish?”

“Yes! How was it? How was it?” She asks excitedly, jumping on her socked feet like a child, and that causes the t-shirt to hang back on her one shoulder. Yixing can see her bra strap and he takes a deep breath.

He rises up from the chair, walking towards her while all the time locks his gaze with hers.

“Are you sure you are really not a dancer?” He asks lowly. The questions takes Joonmyeon by surprise and the girl shakes her head. “N-No, I could never dance.” She stutters, finding it hard to look away from how heavy his gaze is on her.

“You sure?” Yixing asks and she nods. “Because by seeing you dance, I could see that you are good in moving your certain body parts.” He licks his lips, unable to control himself. Joonmyeon gulps and she takes a step back shyly, but Yixing won’t let that. He grabs onto her waist, clutching her flushed against him.

Joonmyeon looks up, gasping. Her round eyes stare straight into his and Yixing finds himself drowned in her.

He guides her to a slow dance, such a contrast to how they usually learn. Joonmyeon follows his steps, moving from left and right, as if they are doing a dance in the ballroom. As if she is the princess and he is a prince.

Yixing twirls her and traps her into his arms, pressing his chest against her back. Joonmyeon finds herself locking her eyes with Yixing on the reflection on the mirror. The aura between them is too slow, too sensual, yet at the same time too romantic.

Unable to hold himself, Yixing tilts his head down and he pecks her cheek. Joonmyeon gasps in surprise, her eyes closing down. Yixing keeps his nose pressed into her cheek, sniffing her sweet scent and squeezing her waist with his hands. It’s such a perfect time to kiss her but…

He releases her and walks out of the dance room, leaving her all alone.

Joonmyeon’s eyes snap open when she no longer feels the warmth around her. The door is closing when she stares at the reflection on the mirror. Her head bends down, staring at her fidgeting socked feet. With a quick decision, she makes her way out of the studio room and heads towards where she knows Yixing must be at.

True enough, Yixing is sitting on his bed in his bedroom. Joonmyeon makes her way inside, closing the door gently.

“Hey,” she whispers, sitting on the bed on the spot beside him. Yixing glances at him, smiling. “Hey. It’s still raining so I don’t think you will be able to go back home yet.”

Joonmyeon shakes her head. “Why did you leave me?”

“Why would you ask?”

She fiddles with her fingers, “I don’t know. I… I just don’t want you to leave me.”

Yixing stares at her, hesitating. “Joonmyeon, can I tell you something?”

“Yes?” She looks up. He leans closer to her, holding onto her cheek with his hand. “I really like you ever since I first saw you at BaekSoo’s performance.”

Joonmyeon gasps in shock, her eyes dart down shyly. Yixing waits for her reaction for quite a while. She fiddles with her fingers, her face slowly grows redder in each second. Eventually she lifts her head back and she sends him an embarrassed shy smile.

“I-I like you too.” She mutters, biting down on her lip. Yixing feels his heart thuds in his chest. “Really?” He asks. She nods her head, smiling. He grins widely. “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Her eyes widen in surprise but then she quickly nods her head. “Y-Yes.”

Yixing pulls her to him, ignoring her yelp, as he hugs her tight. “Oh, gosh. Finally!”

Joonmyeon giggles softly into his shoulder. Yixing leans to peck her cheek, yet at the same time Joonmyeon tilts her head aside and their lips meet. The both of them stare in shock, before Yixing chuckles and he holds onto her face. He leans forward and kisses her lips softly. She whimpers, eyes closing as she grips onto the bed sheet.

Their first kiss is soft, full of light pecks and gentle smooches. Eventually, Yixing could hardly contain his excitement and he kisses her deeper, trapping her lip with his teeth. She gasps but doesn’t pull away, and instead, she tilts her head aside.

Yixing pushes her down to lie on his bed, continuing to kiss her deeply and passionately. Joonmyeon mewls, her mouth parts wider to let him dominate her. Yixing grunts and hovers on top of her, his hands coming down to caress her sides.

“I want to do so many things to you.” He whispers, pecking her cheek. Joonmyeon mewls. “W-What is that?”

Yixing stares at her. “Can I be really honest?” She nods.

“I want to touch you and give you the pleasure you deserve.” He says and she blushes. “I-Is it going to hurt?” She whispers.

“What?” Yixing asks back. Joonmyeon looks up at him, “Is it going to hurt?”

“You want to… let me?”

She nods shyly. “Grandma said… it’s only done by a married couple.” Yixing smiles and kisses her cheek. “I want to marry you, if you let me. I’m not kidding.” She looks up at him, before she nods her head.

Yixing reaches for the damn t-shirt and pulls it over her head. She is wearing the usual cotton bra yet she looks so beautiful. The sweatpants leave her and the cotton panty greets him. Yixing leans down to peck her neck, she gasps, and he trails kisses down to her chest. He kisses her bra, reaching to unclasp it.

Her breasts are not the biggest, yet they are also not the smallest. She is the perfect size, his favorite. He dives down to kiss her breasts, listening to her high yelps. Her chest heaves up and down as he drags his tongue along the center, moving down to her panty. He presses his nose to the slightly damp fabric and moans, before he pulls the panty down her legs.

Beautiful. Yixing chants as he pulls her close, stuffing his face against her core. Her voice cracks as she whimpers, because he eats her out, licking her wetly. He leans away when her legs are trembling. With his gaze on her, he sticks a finger into her, teasing. Joonmyeon cries, feeling confused at the good feeling of his thumb rubbing her clit and his now-two fingers rub her insides.

Yixing then goes to undress himself, making himself comfortable in between her legs, and he kisses her deeply. She moans, holding onto his arms tightly while he rolls a condom on his cock. He kisses her temple, pressing against her opening, before slowly pushing in. Joonmyeon cries in pain, throwing her head back as he pushes deep.

It all goes so slow, a steady pace of Yixing pushing and pulling. Joonmyeon has her eyes closed, breathing heavily as he pleasures her. His hands caress her breasts, as he gently makes love to her sweetly. When the pace picks up, she cries into his mouth, feeling his cock spreading her open and his hands groping onto her tiny breasts. Yixing grunts in pleasure, his eyes roll back to his head.

“Ah,” Joonmyeon whimpers, coming in pleasure as he rubs her clit roughly. Yixing comes into the condom, kissing her lips breathlessly. He smiles, wiping her sweat away. She smiles up at him, her cheeks covered in deep red.

Yixing cuddles her into his chest, “I love you, Joonmyeon. Should we get married tomorrow?”

She whimpers in embarrassment, hitting his back with her little fist. Yixing laughs and goes to kiss her again.


A/N: Excuse my perv mind ₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾ Hope you like this. Thank you so much for reading!

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