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Title: Shake It: Bad Boy Gets Punishment

Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Kai/Kyungsoo, Lay/Suho

Genre: Romance, Smut, Fluff

Warning: Fem!Baekhyun, Fem!Kyungsoo, Fem!Suho

Length: 4 chapters

Summary: The leader of the sexy dance cover group shakes the interest of the head of the agency, the youngest in the group shakes a poor fan boy’s heart, and the both of them inspire a fan girl to be confident like them and she meets a dance coach to teach her right.

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Bad Boy Gets Punishment

As Tuesday comes, Kyungsoo starts doing warm up moves in the dance studio. Baekhyun is out on a date with someone and she is not going to tell yet. Stinky.

It’s almost ten, meaning that her hardcore fanboy is going to arrive at anytime soon. Kyungsoo smirks to herself, checking onto her outfit to make sure that she looks good.

There is a soft and hesitant knock on the door and she glances through the reflection on the mirror. “Come in!”

The door is pushed open and the fanboy, Jongin, comes with nervous face. Kyungsoo grins.

“Jongin! You come!” She goes to welcome him, hugging him around his middle. She can feel his body shaking under her touch. “Y-Y-Yes!” He squeaks.

Kyungsoo giggles, secretly locking the door, before she pulls him to sit on the only chair she has placed in the middle of the practice room.

“Did you get any problem to get here?”

“N-No!” Jongin shakes his head, his hands gripping onto his knees politely. Kyungsoo coos. “Why are you so cute, Jongin?”

He shakes his head again, blushing red. Kyungsoo giggles. Oh, this is going to be fun.

“Anyway, I have to practice a new choreography. This is what I made up for myself so will you tell me when it’s good or not?” She tilts her head, her loose braid falling from the top of her shoulder. She can see the shaking surrounding the boy while he struggles to come up with an answer. “Y-Y-Yes!”

“Sweet! So, you sit here while I start the music. Keep your eyes on me, okay?”

When Jongin nods his head eagerly, Kyungsoo winks at him and she starts the music immediately. Standing right in the middle of the room and not too far away from where Jongin is seated, Kyungsoo starts flicking her fingers along the beat. She steals some glances at the boy who is staring at her in awe.

Then the slow pace stops and Kyungsoo starts the same sexy dance routing, rolling her hips and doing body waves. Poor Jongin because he is choking so much and lucky Jongin because he is the only fanboy who gets to feel this special treatment.

Kyungsoo dances as if she is performing and the reflection on the mirror shows how good she is. She knows that she is a good dancer and that she is using her innocent look to create a different vibe but that is her charm.

“Was it good?” She asks, panting when the music finishes. Her sweat is rolling down her skin, making her loose tank top clings to her.

Jongin claps his hands, looking shocked and awed. “Y-You were really good! A-Amazing!”

Kyungsoo laughs, flicking her stray hair away. “Thanks. But I don’t think it’s still good enough.” With that said, she starts another set of songs, dancing for the whole hour until she feels she is drowned in her own sweat. It’s not so different for the fanboy though, because he is sweating a bucket just by watching.

She stops, panting and sitting down onto the wooden floor. “Was there any mistake?”

“N-N-No!” He yelps, shaking his head. Kyungsoo grins, such a cute fanboy. It will be very fun to tease him.

She fakes a sigh. “It’s so hot. I’m all sweaty.” Then she reaches to the hem of her loose tank top to pull it over her head. She can see Jongin’s eyes doubled in shock, mouth hanging open, and face flushed in deep read. Kyungsoo hides back a smirk.

“Say, Jongin,” she scoots close, sitting in front of the embarrassed boy’s legs and propping her chin on his knees. He doesn’t seem to be able to function and gosh, he is so cute.

“How long have you been my fan?” She blinks her eyes up, acting innocent while pressing her bra-clad boobs onto his legs. Jongin stutters, gasping for air. “T-T-Two ye-years!!”

“Mmh,” she hums, “then… how long have you been fantasizing about… me?”

“E-Eh?” Jongin gasps, eyes wide.

Kyungsoo narrows her eyes. “Don’t think that I don’t know that gaze. You must have jerked off to me numerous times.” She stares at the stuttering boy.

Jongin gulps. “I-I don’t…”

“Don’t lie. Bad boy gets a punishment.” She whispers lowly, hands coming up to fondle on his crotch. It’s hard, just as she expects, but Jongin is so cute she just can’t help but to tease him more and more.

In a swift move, Kyungsoo goes to unbuckle his jeans and drag the zipper down. Jongin yelps, his hands coming down to stop her but Kyungsoo nuzzles against his boxers and smiles up at him. “It’s so hard.” She purrs. Jongin stutters, he looks on the verge of exploding.

Kyungsoo giggles, pecking his tent and feeling it twitch. Her lithe fingers slip on the waistband, before slowly dragging the fabric down. Long and thick cock almost slaps her face and Kyungsoo looks up at the boy.

“Still lying to me when you are this hard?” She whispers, taking hold of the cock. Jongin grunts, sniffing when her hands start moving up and down. Kyungsoo smiles, the boy is so innocent and shy and so damn adorable.

“I want to taste you.” She says, opening her mouth to let her tongue sticks out. She licks from the base of his cock up to the tip. She can feel Jongin is trembling under her touch, awkward hands flailing in panic.

“W-What a-are yo-you do-do-doing?!” He cries out in panic, voice hoarse when Kyungsoo pumps him, making precum slides out of the tip. She purrs in happiness, licking the liquid away. Without any response to the question, Kyungsoo goes to swallow him into her mouth, deep into her throat.

Jongin grunts, his hips bucking up in surprise. He pants heavily, crying with tears on his cheeks and his face is as red as a tomato. Kyungsoo hums, sucking him and hollowing her cheeks to give more pleasure.

“K-K-Kyungsoo p-pl-please stoooooppp!” He whimpers, unconsciously thrusting into her mouth. She smiles around his cock. “It’s okay. Let it go, Jongin.”

He stares down at her, looking so wrecked even from the foreplay. He gasps, thighs trembling before he comes into her throat. Kyungsoo coughs and he panics, flailing his arms. “I-I’m so s-s-s-sorry!!!”

Kyungsoo laughs, wiping her lips. “You are so cute.” She rises up from the floor, pulling her hot pants down to her ankles before straddling the panicking boy, only in her bra and panty. Jongin gasps, eyes teary and cheeks in flame. She slips her fingers into his locks, crashing their lips together. It seems like he is an innocent boy who can’t even kiss, but Kyungsoo guides him through it all, biting his lips, sliding their tongues together, moaning softly.

She pulls away, kissing along his jaw. “Do you want my breasts, Jonginnie?”

“Huh?” He blinks. Kyungsoo giggles, pulling away to unclasp her bra and baring her chest open. She can see his eyes close tight and it makes her laugh. She brings his face close to her super huge boobs, letting him feel.

“Do whatever you want, Jongin. Lick me, bite me. It’s your punishment.” She whispers, licking his earlobe. He grunts and shies away, his lips accidentally grace over her nipple. He freezes and his eyes snap open, finding the boobs fantasy of his right in front of his face. He looks up at her and Kyungsoo arches her back, brushing her breast against his cheek.

Jongin hesitantly opens his mouth, giving kitten licks to her nipple. Kyungsoo lets out a moan, grinding her hips down on his cock. Jongin grunts, gasping for breath and opening his mouth wider, sucking on the flesh. Kyungsoo reaches down to grasp his cock, massaging it up and down.

“Mmh, so good, Jongin. More.”

He nods, licking on the flesh and giving her more sucks. Kyungsoo watches him having fun with her breasts and he looks very aroused, according to his thick and twitching cock. When it’s too long, Kyungsoo reaches for his shirt to rip it off of his body. She climbs away from his lap, his mouth following after her breasts. She giggles.

“Lift your hips for me, Jongin.”

He obeys, gulping. Kyungsoo pulls his jeans and boxers down, leaving him naked on the chair. She then slips her panty away, standing naked before him. She spins around, giving her glorious ass to his face, before she sits down on his lap again.

She reaches for his cock, pumping a few times, before nudging the tip against her wet core. She hears Jongin gasps and she slowly sits down on his cock. That feels so fucking good. She hasn’t gotten any good lay for a while.

“A-Argh,” he grunts. Kyungsoo tilts her head aside. “Look at the mirror, Jongin. Look at my boobs jiggling while riding your cock. Look at how your cock is inside of me, spreading me open. You feel so good, Jongin.”

The cock in him twitches and Jongin peeks through her shoulder to the mirror. His face flushes as all she said is true. As Kyungsoo starts moving, fucking herself on his cock, Jongin can see his cock disappears into her wet folds on each drop and her melon huge breasts bounce in every move.

He gasps, eyes locked onto their reflection. “Do you like this, Jongin?” She whispers, grinding down on his cock. He nods obediently. Kyungsoo laughs, throwing her head back to his shoulder and reaching to lock their lips together. Jongin breathes his moans into her mouth, shyly moving his hips to meet her movement. His hands awkwardly come to her waist, holding gently.

Kyungsoo grasps his hands and brings them up to her chest, making him holds onto her boobs. Jongin moans into the kiss, licking her mouth while his hands start groping her breasts.

“Ah, so good, Jongin. Your cock feels so good inside of me.” Kyungsoo moans against his lips, her eyes teary and hooded. She looks completely in pleasure. Jongin cries out, thrusting up into her.

Eventually, Kyungsoo lifts herself from his cock and it slaps back to his stomach. She kneels down on the floor, holding herself up with her hands and knees. She shakes her ass, “Come here, Jongin.” She winks at him.

The fanboy gasps, spluttering down to kneel behind her. His hands come up to caress her ass, up to her back. Kyungsoo hums, waiting for what he is going to do next.

Jongin whimpers at the softness of her skin, before he settles his eyes on her gaping folds, wet and reddening. He breathes in shakily, his whole body red, and his fingers tremble as they take a hold on her hips. He scoots closer, pressing so close that his cock slips back into her.

Kyungsoo lets out a long moan, feeling him even better and different in this position. He pants heavily, his breathing harsh and loud in the whole room. He tries to glances away from the sight of his cock entering her and pulling out, only to catch the sight of them going on it on the reflection. He bites his lip, eyes locked on the mirror as he thrusts inside.

Her breasts swing openly whenever they move and Jongin gulps, crying at the pleasure of having her folds wrapping so tightly around his cock and getting to watch her pleasured face on the mirror. He huffs for breath, feeling his balls tightening and he is so close to coming.

“U-Uh, c-c-close,” he whispers softly. Kyungsoo rolls her hips back on his cock, before she gently leans away from his cock. Jongin whimpers in disappointment as she settles back on her back. She motions for him to come close and Jongin kneels in between her legs.

“Jack off to me, Jongin. Show me how you usually do it when you are imagining me.”

Jongin’s lips tremble and his hand slowly comes to grab his own cock. He huffs, running his hand up and down so quickly while he locks his eyes on the sight of Kyungsoo who is openly groping her own breast and rubbing her clit. He stutters, gasping at the sight and precum spurts out of the tip, before he lets out a hoarse moan, his come splattering all over Kyungsoo’s stomach and breasts.

She closes her eyes when some spurts to her face, smiling. She picks the cum up with her fingers, licking it clean all the while the shocked and panting Jongin is still staring at her. She pulls him down, kissing him with tongues and all, before Jongin shyly moves his mouth down to suck onto her breasts, groping with his palms, and he licks down to her hips.

He licks her clit with kitten licks, shyly but bold and Kyungsoo hums in delight. He sucks the swollen clit, doing a good job for a first timer. Kyungsoo cries out as she comes into his mouth.

Jongin watches her in shock, tired and not knowing what to do. Kyungsoo smiles and she sits up, sitting on his lap to push his limp cock back into her. Both of them moan in sensitivity but they don’t move. Kyungsoo starts kissing his face, caressing his messy locks.

“So, Jongin. Want to watch me dance again tomorrow?” She purrs.

Jongin flushes in red but he nods his head, before he buries his face into her breasts. Kyungsoo laughs.


A/N: Excuse my perv mind ₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾ Hope you like this. Thank you so much for reading!

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