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Title: Mine

Pairing: Chanbaek

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut

Length: Series

Summary: Everyone fears the name of Park Chanyeol, as he is one of the well known top class business man and his wealthy is not something you could count. He is arrogant and bossy, but his hard stare softens and he is the in his weakest state just with one soft call from his baby Baekkie.

Poster by: Dappled Graphic Shop


Chapter 10

Chanyeol is going crazy. He loses so many sleeps, watching at the door and trying to survive. It’s been a whole two weeks and he hasn’t found Baekhyun anywhere. Call him stupid, but he doesn’t know where else he should search for his lovely baby.

Whenever he closes his eyes, he finds himself crying because he can’t shake the last image of Baekhyun crying in front of him. He hurt his baby. He hurt Baekhyun so much, with such a deep wound that Baekhyun decided to leave him because he couldn’t take getting hurt over and over again by the only person who had promised to protect him with all cost.

The head maid comes closer to him, giving him yet another envelope with the cursive writing which makes his heart aches and his eyes get teary.

Baekhyun has been sending him money in every two to three days. The letters vary from how much he is in debt with Chanyeol then to how he wonders about Chanyeol’s doing. Chanyeol keeps all the money and envelopes and letters in one box, finding them too important because they are the sole contact he has with Baekhyun. Without them, he wouldn’t know how Baekhyun is doing.

He doesn’t understand how someone so kind and pure hearted like Baekhyun could love him, who is such a cold and bastard man who only thinks about perfection and work. He wonders what good deed he had done in the previous life, maybe he had saved a nation, to even deserve someone like Baekhyun who is still being so considerate even after getting hurt.

Chanyeol doesn’t remember when the last time he stepped foot into his office was. He doesn’t care about work; as long as he doesn’t have Baekhyun by his side, safe and sound, he couldn’t do anything.

His men are still searching for Baekhyun. They told him about some boys having similar form with Baekhyun but no, they are not Baekhyun. He told everyone to stay alerted so they can catch Baekhyun when he came bringing the envelopes, but no one had come across him up until now.

Such a smart baby Chanyeol has. He is so proud, yet at the same time so disappointed.

He just wants Baekhyun back home, showering his face with kisses, giving him warm hugs, and spending all his money on him just to spoil him until he has no more.

He just wants Baekhyun.


Baekhyun walks pass the newspapers and magazines stand, ignoring it yet his eyes betray him by focusing on the photo of Chanyeol with the same headline just like past weeks. It hurts his heart as he reads the big and bold lettered headline, telling the whole world about the happy news of the marriage of the year.

Chanyeol is so handsome in the photo. Baekhyun chews on his lip, holding back a sniff before he hangs his head down and runs away to avoid looking at it any longer.

It’s been a while since he saw Chanyeol. How is he? Is he doing well? Is he eating well? Is he busy, preparing his wedding with the great and beautiful soon-to-be Mrs. Park?

Baekhyun sniffs, seeing his eyes get blurred from the amount of tears lining in his sight. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, Baekhyun. Yet a tear rolls down his cheek and he lifts his hand up to wipe it away. He forgets about the plate he is currently washing, the porcelain drops onto the dirty floor with a loud crashing sound.

He trembles when he kneels down, trying to clean the pieces hurriedly and he cuts his fingers along the process. He really hopes the manager head kitchen wouldn’t find out about it.

“Again?!” The old woman screeches at him, pulling him up by his locks and slapping him across his face. Baekhyun cries in pain, sobbing and muttering words of apologies but the woman is too enraged to even head him.

“You useless piece of trash! If you can’t work then why do you even try?!”

Baekhyun swallows a sob when his head is hit a numerous times but what could he do? It was his fault, he couldn’t concentrate while working and he broke another plate, which is his third in this week.

“I- I’m sorry!!” He sobs.

The woman gripped onto his chin, harsh and rough and hurting. “Do you think your sorry will bring me back my money, bitch?”

Baekhyun shakes his head no. The woman yanks him down, pushing him back to the floor where Baekhyun starts to think that he belongs there.

“Clean up the whole kitchen tonight! If I see you ruining another thing, I will kick your ass out of my kitchen!”

“Y-Yes,” Baekhyun nods vigorously, biting back a moan of pain from the plate pieces digging into his palms and arms.

When the head kitchen walks away with a huff and words of curses thrown for him, Baekhyun sobs like a kid, collecting the pieces and pulling them out of his flesh. His palms and arms are bleeding and he goes to wash them clean before he could stain the floor even further.

Work goes very slow for him and his wounds are throbbing. Baekhyun spares some money to buy medicine and band aids, and some snacks to eat too. The park is empty by the time he walks pass so he huddles in the bench to treat himself.

When the medicine makes contact with his wounds, he cries out in pain. He never likes pain, and Chanyeol used to be there for him to assure him that he would never let him feel pain again.

He manages to put a band aid on the biggest wound and as he tries to reach for another wound on his arm, a man walks into the park and sits beside him, which is the only other spot in the only bench in the whole park.

Baekhyun nods politely, scooting over to give the man more space before he tries twisting his arm to get onto the wound on his elbow but it’s so hard that he lets out a frustrated sigh.

“Do you need help with that?” The man asks, startling him and he accidentally bumps the medicine on the wound a bit harsh. He winces at the pain and the man apologizes.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. Do you need some help? It seems impossible for you to do it alone.” The man says again, pointing onto the cotton, band aids, and his wounds. Baekhyun sends him a wary glance, worried. The man notices his discomfort and he lifts both of his hands up.

“I mean no harm, I swear. My senior in school was a medicine student and I know some of the details in treating wounds.”

Baekhyun gulps, before he eventually nods and hands the cotton and medicine to him. The man offers him a smile to tell him that he doesn’t have to worry about anything. The man’s hand grabs onto his wrist gently, unfolding his arm and Baekhyun watches he applies the medicine on the wound with dried blood on it.

“How come you get so many wounds? Did you fall somewhere?” The man asks, his eyebrows furrowing in concern. Baekhyun chews on his lip. “Yes, I fell on… on broken plates.”

“That’s nasty! You should be more careful though, the wounds could get infected if you don’t treat them well.”

Baekhyun nods as if he is a kid getting scolded by their brother. The man grabs onto another band aid, frowning when he only finds more or less three band aids left while the many wounds are still yet to be treated.

“Wait for a moment. I need to go buy something. Wait here, okay?” The man says, in which Baekhyun nods to. He watches the man runs, crossing the street and then disappears from his line of view. He sighs, pouting to himself and tenderly touches the aided wounds.

The man is back in less than five minutes, panting and giving him a small smile. He holds onto a small plastic bag and pulls out a pack of huge band aids. Baekhyun stares at him in surprise, mouth opening but no word could come out.

“Your wounds are severe, well, not that bad but we need to cover them so they don’t get infected. Here, give me your other arm.”

Baekhyun hangs his head down, peeking from under his bangs as the man helps him.

“You getting wounded like this, reminds me of my nephew.” The man says, chuckling a little while putting the colorful band aid on his wrist. Baekhyun looks up, head tilted aside.

“Your nephew, sir.”

“Yes. He is still so little, around 6 or 7 maybe? And he got lots of bruises. He is quite clumsy and he falls a bit too much. You can imagine how crazy my sister becomes whenever she finds her son covered in bruises.” The man laughs, shaking his head while remembering something.

Baekhyun feels a tiny smile curls up on his lips, imagining a little boy pouting at so many wounds. He remembers being that kind of naughty boy when he was little too.

“And I have to scold him every time he gets back home after playing with his friends, because my sister is too hysterical to even do the scolding.” The man says, then looking up to give him a playful glare. Baekhyun blinks innocently.

“I have to scold you too, you know. Be aware of your surroundings, so you won’t get hurt too often. Do you hear me?”

Baekhyun feels a soft laugh bubbling up in his chest. “Are you scolding me now, sir?”

“Yes and no.” The man gives him a playful scoff. “You are still so young, we don’t want to see fading bruises along your skin, young man.”

The words make Baekhyun laughs again. “You treat me as if I’m a kid. How old are you, sir, if you don’t mind?”

“How old do you think I am?” The man asks back, challenging him. Baekhyun stifles a laugh, covering his mouth with his palm. “We might be in the same age, sir.”

“No way. I bet you are barely seventeen.”

Baekhyun snorts. “Sir, with all respect, I’m twenty one.”

The man eyes twinkle in shock. “No way. You look so young!”

Baekhyun giggles. “I hear that a lot. How old are you, sir?”

“I’m still older than you. I’m thirty.”

And it’s Baekhyun’s turn to gasp. “Sir, you barely look twenty!”

“I hear that a lot.” The man says his words earlier, smirking. Baekhyun throws his head back, laughing out loud. He feels a hand pats his head, ruffling his already messy locks.

“Be careful, kiddo. And get some sleep. I can see your eye bags.”

Baekhyun blushes in embarrassment, covering his eyes with his hands. Oh no, even strangers can notice his fatigue.

He feels something drops onto his lap and it turns out to be the plastic bag the man bought before. He looks up to see the man rising up from the bench.

“There’s some food. Eat a lot, okay? You are too skinny for your own good. Even my nephew is way fatter than you are.”

Baekhyun purses his lips but then he rises up, bowing thankfully to the man. The man chuckles and waves him bye before walking away from the park.

He peeks into the plastic bag and finds out there are two lunch set boxes and some fresh breads, along with some bottles of sparkling water. A full smile blooms on Baekhyun and he praises the man for being so kind.

Wait, he forgets to ask for a name.

Oh well, it’s not like he would ever see him again. But if Baekhyun could meet him one day, he would tell him how grateful he is for his help.


The news are still there. Chanyeol pays so much money to stop it from spreading and getting worse. He doesn’t understand how the paparazzi concluded him getting married when it’s clear as fuck that he is not going to, unless it’s to Baekhyun.

His phone rings as he watches the heavy rain washes all over Seoul. The weather gets so bad, it can’t stop raining for the whole week and Chanyeol feels his mood dampens even more.

“What?” He answers the call.

The woman from other line sighs in annoyance. “Chanyeol, when will the news stop? I’m tired of having reporters all over my gate.”

Chanyeol sighs. “I paid so much money to make it stop. It’s your turn.”

“You can’t be giving up? This is our reputation. We don’t even have the plan to get married but what the hell is this? And why can’t I find you in your office? We still have to talk about the construction and—”

“Seohyun, please. I don’t need you scolding me as if this is my fault.”

“The news won’t stop—”

“My lover is nowhere to be found after he watched the news.” Chanyeol whispers, feeling his heart clenches as he mentions about it. The woman stills before she whispers, “I’m so sorry to hear that, Chanyeol. I hope you can find him soon. I can talk to him later to clarify everything.”

“Okay.” He mutters, ending the call.

As the thunder blares down, Chanyeol grips onto his phone. “Where are you, baby?”


Baekhyun sniffs, coughing as he tries his best to cover his head from the rain. He can’t be sick when he has to work everyday. The weather gets so bad that he can’t even remember how a sunny day looks like.

He might have caught a cold before he can’t stop coughing for the past days. Baekhyun has almost broken another plate earlier when his hands can’t stop shaking but he manages to hold on tight on the plate so he won’t be kicked out of the kitchen.

He works so hard. Baekhyun needs to buy something special. He saw that thing a week ago, feeling the sudden rush and need to buy it. He just wants to.

His money is almost enough. He just needs a few more bills and he thinks he could pass a few more meals to save up. Baekhyun pants, his chest is hurting when he takes a deep breath. Clutching onto his backpack, Baekhyun forces himself to go to the next work place in this heavy rain and storm.

He wants to buy that cufflinks. They are the prettiest cufflinks he has ever seen and imagining them adorning Chanyeol’s wrists beautifully. Baekhyun stifles a smile as he imagines it. It feels special to see Chanyeol wearing something Baekhyun gives him, even if it’s not like the usual expensive things the man has.

With the box clutched in his hands, Baekhyun drags his tired feet, once again, towards the place he used to call as home.


Chanyeol locks himself in his office room, listening to the thundering storm while staring at the many photos of Baekhyun. A sad smile spreads across his face and he longs to hold onto that hand again, kissing those lithe fingers, and then giving the deepest kiss on Baekhyun’s lips.

It’s been so long, he doesn’t remember when the last time he has seen Baekhyun. He misses him so much that his heart feels so numb.

When a loud thunder strikes, the electricity in the whole house dies down and Chanyeol is left staring at his phone as it is the only shining thing in the whole room.

Loud footsteps echo in the whole house and Chanyeol glances to the direction of the door. In this heavy and loud thunderous rain, why would his workers being so fussy? Are they trying to make the electricity back again?

There are knocks onto his office door, calling of his name in frantic sounds. Chanyeol furrows his eyebrows. He makes sure to not have anyone disturbing him, why would they do something against his order?

“…ter! Master!! Please open the door! Master Chanyeol!!!” So many voices are heard and Chanyeol covers his eyes, frowning. They are so loud. So damn loud.

“Don’t disturb me—”

“Master, please!” The head maid calls hysterically, “Master Baekhyun!!”

Chanyeol’s phone drops, clattering on the floor as he hears the only name he wants to hear the most. With nervous footsteps, Chanyeol unlocks the door and finds all the maids are crying while waiting for him.

“What?” He whispers breathlessly. The gardener man steps closer, taking his wrist and dragging him down the stairs.

Chanyeol can hear his heart thudding so fast in his ears, his blood is rushing all over, and his head is pounding in pain. The front door is open wide, the porch is wet from the rain, but the maids are holding onto many umbrellas, as if trying to shield something from the rain.

At the sight of a hand peeking out from the maid’s embrace, Chanyeol’s lips tremble.

“Baekhyun.” He calls, dropping to his knees to cradle his baby, who looks so pale and who can’t even hear his voice, back into his arms.


A/N: What did I say about will be back sooner than you think? Well, here I am, with the start of full angst! I really appreciate those who can patiently wait without asking for an update because I'd been very damn busy with my thesis (and I passed my thesis defense, by the way! Got an A for my thesis too! Graduation will be on September!) (∩˃o˂∩)♡

To those who are still loyal and waiting for this story, thank you very much, from the deepest part of my heart. I love you. ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

For the story, yes, the angst has yet to start! I wonder whether you will hate me with it lol hehe ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

Anyway, I'm back in the business and still am writing for fic fests! (And I also am doing tweet fics in twitter hehe) (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Hope you enjoy the damn angst (mwahahha) and leave me some comments! Do you miss me? Heheh (♥→o←♥)

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