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Title: Lovesome

Pairing: Chanbaek

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Length: Series

Warning: Fem!Baekhyun, Fem!Kyungsoo, Fem!Jongdae, Fem!Joonmyeon

Summary: Living her life everyday as one of the average people, Baekhyun finds herself tangled in the mess of intense feeling called love and a handsome being goes with the name of Park Chanyeol. It’s sweet, but sometimes it tastes bitter, too.

Poster by: ☾ Peaceful Moonlight ☾ Graphic Shop


Chapter 10

Baekhyun drags Chanyeol out of the water and they can finally head towards where Jongdae is cuddling into Minseok’s chest.

“Done doing nasty?” Baekhyun asks as she grabs the towel and wipes herself with it.

Jongdae simply responses her with sticking her tongue out.

Yixing and Joonmyeon come back with smiles and hands still tangled together.

“Where is Kyungsoo? And Sehun?”

“I hear them talking about ice cream earlier.” Minseok responses as he cards his fingers along Jongdae’s locks.

“Hey, I want an ice cream, too.” Baekhyun mutters to her boyfriend as Chanyeol is putting the shirt back onto her possessively.

“Want to get some? You guys want ice cream as well?”

Joonmyeon smiles, “Please get me the strawberry one, Baekhyunnie. And chocolate with peanuts for Yixing.”

“Two vanillas for us.” Jongdae says, showing her two fingers.

“Okay. Come on, Baekhyun.” Chanyeol tugs onto her hand.

They walk towards the food hut while chatting, before Chanyeol furrows his eyebrows.

“Isn’t that Kyungsoo?”

True to his words, Baekhyun finds Kyungsoo standing by herself at the front of the hut, still clad in that cute bikini of hers.

Baekhyun opens her mouth to call for her but stops when she sees someone creeping from behind the girl and hugs her tight.

Kyungsoo spins around with a surprised yelp, only to freeze on her spot when she finds out that the culprit is-

“Kim freaking Jongin? What is he doing here?” Baekhyun shrieks, fastening her speed to defend Kyungsoo.

She can see that Kyungsoo is struggling to break free from his grip. Jongin holds onto her hips quite tightly.

“L-Let me go, please.” She pleads miserably, trying to push him on his chest.

Jongin keeps his hold onto her and Baekhyun can hear him saying, “I’m not letting you go away without talking. Not for this time.”

Kyungsoo is in the verge of crying and she trembles.

Baekhyun stops when she sees Sehun running so fast towards them and pries Jongin away harshly.

“Chanyeol, stop.” She whispers to her boyfriend and they watch the scene from a few meters away.

“Let Sehun handle this.”

Sehun is seething in anger and he envelopes Kyungsoo into a tight protective embrace. Kyungsoo hugs his waist back as she buries her face into his chest.

“What do you think you are doing?” He asks in rage, shifting Kyungsoo away from the other.

Jongin takes a step back to reach for her but Sehun grabs Kyungsoo and drags her to hide behind his back.

“I need to talk to Kyungsoo. Get away.”

“There is nothing you should talk about with her. Scram.” Sehun says to him.

Jongin tries grabbing Kyungsoo’s hand and she whimpers in fear. Sehun pushes him away.

“Stay back. Don’t touch her.” He warns and Jongin challenges back.

“Who the fuck are you? Stop acting like you have a control over her!”

Kyungsoo grips Sehun on his waist tighter and Sehun takes a second to think before he blurts, “Stay away from my girlfriend. This is my last warning, Kim Jongin.”

The look on Jongin’s face is crestfallen mixed with anger. He scoffs before finding that a few people have started to stare at them, trying to find the right moment if a fight was to happen.

Jongin gives a last glare at Sehun before he stomps away, clearly fuming.

Baekhyun grips onto Chanyeol’s arm as she smiles at the way Sehun acts.

“Damn. He is good.”

Chanyeol chuckles.

“Has Sehun always been this cool?”

“Hey,” he protests.

Baekhyun laughs at his face before focusing back onto Sehun who is trying to wipe the tears away as Kyungsoo sobs.

“It’s okay. He is gone now. I won’t let him go near you again.” He reassures her and Kyungsoo nods her head at his words.

She looks up at him with a pair of round eyes, shiny from the remaining tears. Sehun feels his breath is getting knocked out of him.

“T-Thank you.” Kyungsoo whispers.

“I’m sorry for leaving you alone even for a moment only.” He apologizes.

Baekhyun takes the chance to get closer.

“Kyungsoo?” She calls softly, opening her arms wide.

Sehun looks at the two of them and he knows that they have witnessed what have just happened. With a gentle push on Kyungsoo’s back, he urges her to go to Baekhyun because girls know how to help each other better.

Kyungsoo pads towards Baekhyun and soon she is enveloped in a tight hug. Baekhyun pats her back gently.

Chanyeol mutters, “I will get the ice cream.”

As he and Sehun move to buy the ice cream for everyone, Kyungsoo snuggles into Baekhyun’s shoulder comfortably.

“You okay?”

“Yes.” She whispers back.

“Let’s stop thinking about anything else and focus on having fun. We haven’t gotten a dip yet!”

Kyungsoo giggles, “Okay, Baekhyunnie.”

Sehun holds half of the ice creams while Chanyeol holds the other half. They make their way back to the others.

As Joonmyeon sees the clinging Kyungsoo onto Baekhyun, she stands up and approaches them. Even Jongdae stops herself from eating Minseok’s mouth and joins them.

“What’s wrong? What did Sehun do?”

“No, it’s not Sehun. Kim bastard is here.”

Jongdae glances around with narrowed eyes and huffs, “How did he know we are here?”

“Are you feeling alright, Kyungsoo?” Joonmyeon caresses her head. She nods with a cute smile.

“Let finish the ice cream before it melts!”

Kyungsoo sits down onto the mat and accepts the new round of ice cream to soothe her aching heart. As she is licking the frozen treat, she feels a shirt being put around her shoulder.

Sehun smiles at her.

She smiles back, in the shape of a pretty heart.

They have fun in the water for a moment, swimming and having a battle of holding their breath under the water.

As the sun has started to set, Yixing suggests them to rest and get washed up. He acts more like a father than a friend.

Joonmyeon latches onto his arm as they make their way back to the house. Baekhyun watches as the couple laughs together and the sweetness is too much for her to handle.

Jongdae is blabbering things she wants to do tomorrow to her boyfriend, who nods to every word she says.

Kyungsoo lifts up a bag, but it is soon stolen by Sehun who says that he can do it. She blushes and nods obediently.

Baekhyun puts on the unbuttoned shirt and Chanyeol is too fast to finally buttons it up. It makes her laughs at his jealousy.

“You are cute when you are jealous.” She comments.

Chanyeol sends her a look before he pinches her nose.

“You better not make me jealous again. Or it won’t be pretty.” He states before getting a light kiss from her.

They settle back into the house and take turn washing up. As Kyungsoo shuffles around in the kitchen, Sehun comes up and helps her with anything. She ends up mincing the garlic while blushing.

Their dinner consists of instant noodles, added with the pork and veggies stir fry and freshly cut kimchi. Praises come along for Kyungsoo and the girl blushes shyly on her seat.

Joonmyeon and Jongdae help washing the dishes while Baekhyun helps on wiping and tidying the table. Yixing is brewing them some warm tea.

As they finish with their own duty, they hang around the living room to chat for a moment. Yixing then announces that he is sleepy and Joonmyeon helps her boyfriend to the bedroom, or just simply to cuddle with him before sleeping.

Jongdae is surprisingly quiet for a while and she is very shockingly asleep while leaning against Baekhyun’s shoulder. Minseok laughs as he gently lifts the girl up and decides to call it a night.

“Kyungsoo, can we talk?” Sehun asks the girl, who flinches in surprise before nodding at him. They then head towards the door, choosing to take a walk along the calm sea shore.

Sehun glances at the girl walking silently beside him and he realizes that Kyungsoo is just wearing a pink dress. He shrugs his black cardigan and puts it on top of her shoulder.

She flinches in surprise and he thinks it’s really cute.

“T-Thank you...”

He smiles, reaching up to pat her head gently.

“Is there anything that you want to ask first, Kyungsoo?” He starts slowly and she glances at him hesitantly.

“W-Why would you say that I...I-um...” She stutters, seeming unable to find the right words but the unfinished question is clear enough to Sehun.

“That you are my girlfriend?”

She nods.

“Do you not like it?”He questions softly.

Kyungsoo shakes her head quickly, “No, it’s just... just surprising and... I don’t really think about it before but now, it’s just too confusing for me...”

They stop in the middle of the beach as Sehun reaches for her hand, gently holding onto it. She stares expectantly at him, patiently waiting for his next words.

His other hand goes up to thumb her cheeks gently, “I’m not really sure whether this will be the right time or not but I-”

“Do Kyungsoo!”

Another voice cuts him and as Sehun glances to the owner of the voice, he comes face to face with no other than Kim Jongin.

“What do you want?” He questions, trying to maneuver Kyungsoo away from the other’s reach.

Jongin walks towards them and stops right in front of him. His eyes are locked onto the girl half hiding behind Sehun’s back.

“I want to talk. We need to talk, Kyungsoo.” He states firmly.

“You don’tneed to talk to her. Just go.” Sehun tells him.

“I need to talk to her! Who are you to make the decision for her, huh?!”

“You should-”

“No, Sehun,” Kyungsoo whispers his name softly, hand gripping onto his shirt.

As Sehun glances back to her, she gives him a pleading stare.

“Let me talk to him.” She says softly.

Sehun feels his heart is beating out of control because she wants to talk to the bastard who has hurt her heart too many times. It’s up to her to talk to anyone, but what if she decided to get back with the bastard after the talk? What will be the destiny of Sehun’s own heart?

“But Kyungsoo-”

“Sehun, please. Just for a moment, okay? Give me a few minutes to end everything with him and I will come back to you.” Kyungsoo whispers softly, only for him to hear, and the determined look in her eyes makes Sehun feels that he can trust her words.

“Alright. I will give you space.” And please come back to me, he wants to add.

She gives him a smile and a light squeeze on his hand before letting it go.

Sehun steps away from them, still giving the bastard a stinky glare.

“How do you know we come here?” Kyungsoo starts as Sehun has walked a bit further away.

“I accidentally hear Jongdae and Joonmyeon talking about the beach.” He responses simply.

She hums and they get silent again.

“What do you want to talk about, Jongin?” Kyungsoo asks softly, still unable to make an eye contact with him.

Jongin takes a step forward towards her and Kyungsoo freezes on her spot. She wants to back away but the voice in her head tells her that she needs to be brave to face him. She shouldn’t fear him.

“It’s about that time. About us.” He says to her.

Kyungsoo blinks her unshed tears away and she tells herself to be brave or she won’t be able to move on.

She lifts her head up to look straight into his eyes. Those brown sleepy eyes that she used to like the most.

“There are no us, Jongin.” She whispers brokenly.

His look falters and there’s a flash of hurt in it.


“There are never us. It’s simply just you and me.” Kyungsoo continues to whisper as a stray tear rolls down onto her cheek.

“Kyungsoo, you know what I feel for you!” He says, voice raised.


She shakes her head firmly.

“No. I never know. What do you feel for me honestly?”

Jongin halts for a moment and he takes moment to think. Kyungsoo can feel her heart breaks even more at the hesitation in his answer.

“Why do you do that, Jongin? Why do you choose her?” She whispers, gripping onto Sehun’s cardigan around her as if it could shield her from the pain.

He looks conflicted, “I don’t choose her-”

“But you don’t choose me either, Jongin. You throw me away.”

It’s okay, right? It’s not everyday that Kyungsoo will have this braveness. This is what she has been dying to ask to Jongin for months.

“Kyungsoo, please forgive me but I’m just... just confused about myself!”

Her eyes drop a few more tears and she finally lets out a sob.

“Please just tell me, Jongin. Why do you throw me away? What do I do wrong?”

It’s so pathetic because it seems like she is begging to him.

“Okay, I... I admit that at first I’m just trying to have your attention to me, but it’s just at the beginning! I-I fall for you in the end.” He whispers the last part weakly.

Kyungsoo feels this is worse. He has just said that he is practically playing with her.

“I begin to get confused with myself and... and I seek for someone else because I think what I feel for you will be gone and that it is just a phase. But I can’t. It’s not going away.”

She takes a step back and sobs, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand.

Enough. It’s enough.

“Kyungsoo,” he calls, stepping close to her, “please forgive me. Let’s start again.”

She shakes her head no.

Jongin is not giving up as he winds an arm around her and pulls her close to his chest. Kyungsoo struggles to break free, she doesn’t want this.

“No, Jongin, no- Sehun!”

Sehun comes in less than a second right after he sees the bastard touching her. He pulls Kyungsoo on her wrist as he pushes the guy.

Jongin stares in shock as Kyungsoo tremblingly scoots further away from him.

“Stay the fuck away from her.” Sehun hisses dangerously at him.

“Come on, Kyungsoo, we are going back.”

Jongin takes a hold onto her other wrist and it stops her from being dragged away by Sehun.

She looks up with teary eyes.

Jongin looks determined.

“It’s your turn, Kyungsoo. I have told you everything. I have told you about my feeling. Now you make a decision.”

Kyungsoo stares questioningly at him, feeling tight grip on each of her wrists from two different guys.

“You choose him or me?” Jongin states.

“You want to sleep?” Baekhyun looks up from where she is leaning against Chanyeol’s chest when he asks her, right after the sight of Sehun’s back is covered by the closing front door.

She shifts and gazes at him, “No. Not yet.”

“Aren’t you tired? Even Jongdae is now sound asleep.” He chuckles.

“I know, right,” Baekhyun laughs, “It’s surprising to see her sleep without doing the nasty with Minseok oppa.”

Chanyeol cards his fingers along her hair.

“Do you have fun today?”

“Yeah. The beach is so pretty.” Baekhyun answers with a smile, still wanting to feel the water against her skin.

“You are prettier.”

She slaps his chest, “Don’t start.”

Chanyeol laughs at her reaction, “I’m serious, Baekhyun.”

His tone is playful but she can clearly hear the sincerity in it. It makes her heart flutters in delight and she stares into his eyes.

“I have never told you this but why are you so sweet, Chanyeol?”

There is a glint in his eyes right after she says that and he grins happily.

“You think I’m sweet?”

“Yeah,” she mutters with a smile before kissing his lips softly.

Chanyeol holds her on her back as she settles even closer to him to keep the soft kiss longer. She can feel Chanyeol smiles against her mouth and she can’t help but to smile back. Their front teeth end up clashing gently before they pull away and laugh softly.

He runs his thumb over the apple of her cheek tenderly, caressing the skin with a lot of care. Baekhyun sighs in content while closing her eyes.

“Why are you so beautiful? I’m such a lucky guy.” He murmurs, tone reserved for only himself to know but of course Baekhyun can hear it.

She keeps her eyes closed while she smiles to his words.

“Gosh, Chanyeol. You are perfect.” She whispers breathlessly.

He laughs softly at her before he starts peppering kisses all over her face, starting from her forehead and down to her closed eyes with each kiss on the lids.

Baekhyun giggles when he gives a loud smooch on each of her cheeks, then pecking her nose cutely before finally, he presses their lips together for a real kiss.

Soft lips mold together, so tender and sweet, that Baekhyun whines into his mouth when he tries to hold back.

It’s an unspoken invitation when Baekhyun parts her mouth and Chanyeol takes a few seconds of hesitance before his tongue slithers inside and caressing every inch of her mouth.

She runs her palms over his sturdy chest and yes, she can feel his heart beating so fast against his ribcage.

His hands hold onto her hips tightly and she notes that he is holding himself back again.

She will be very glad to take this to another step but seeing that anyone can just walk in on them, she decides that their intimate time has to be private.

Their mouths part with a soft sticky sound of saliva and ragged breathing. Baekhyun reaches her hands up to caress his face and neck. Chanyeol smiles at her.

“Want to sleep?”

“How about we wait for Kyungsoo and Sehun to come back first?” She suggests.

“Sure,” he nods, pulling her completely onto his lap and she snuggles into his shoulder.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?”

“Umm... swim?”

“Again, Baekhyun? You are not afraid of getting tan or sun burnt?”

“I don’t care. I want to swim and go sightseeing. I hear Jongdae saying about handsome boys earlier-”

“Baekhyun,” Chanyeol scolds sternly, hands tightening on her hips.

She laughs, “Kidding, silly. I have never taken my eyes off you.”

He huffs, his chest vibrating at that and making her snuggles closer.

“You better.”

“Of course. You have the complete package, Chanyeol. I wouldn’t dare.” Baekhyun whispers into his ear, pecking it softly afterwards while dragging her lithe fingers down from his chest to his abdomen.

He shudders at the little movement.

“Don’t do that.” He catches her wrist.

Baekhyun laughs at his reaction.

Kyungsoo walks slowly, trying to take more time before walking back to the house.

Sehun is following after her, making sure to have a certain gap between them.

She grips onto her dress, feeling all sorts of feelings coming back to her. So many things have happened today and her head is kind of full. She feels stuffed and tired, but overall, it’s relieving because she has done the conversation with the one she is always avoiding.

It is nice to have a clear closure for every question lingering in her brain.

It is very nice because she has an option now.

“It’s your turn, Kyungsoo. I have told you everything. I have told you about my feeling. Now you make a decision.”

Kyungsoo stares questioningly at him, feeling tight grip on each of her wrists from two different guys.

“You choose him or me?” Jongin states.

She glances at him, then back at Sehun who surprisingly is not defending her this time. He stares straight at her, as if he was waiting for her answer as well.

Or maybe he really does.

“I... I...” Kyungsoo whispers softly, feeling pressured to have to make a choice in the span of short time.

She can feel the warmth from these two guys who are holding each one of her wrists. Jongin’s hold is very warm, Sehun’s hold is not really that warm...


Sehun gives her the feeling of comfort and safety and loyalty, while Jongin givers her the feeling of insecurity and fear and uncertainty.

Should she really think again though?

Kyungsoo looks up and locks her eyes with Jongin’s. The guy has the look of hope in his brown eyes.

“I... I choose Sehun.” She declares confidently while taking a step closer to the one she mentions.

The look on Jongin’s face is crestfallen for a moment but then anger takes over him.

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am.”

She manages to pull her wrist out of his grip and unconsciously takes another step closer to Sehun to look for assurance. The guy drags her closer as well.

Jongin watches the whole scene with anger and frustration.

“Kyungsoo! You can’t be serious!!”

“Yes, Jongin, we... we are over. Actually, we have never had anything between us. Please, I just want to move on.”

Jongin shakes his head.

“I won’t let this happen. You can choose him today but I will make sure you will come back to me soon.” He says, then looking at Sehun straight into his eyes,

“Just wait and see, you bastard. I’m going to take back what’s mine.”

Sehun growls, “She is not yours.”

Kyungsoo tugs onto his arm, “L-Let’s just go...”

She hurriedly walks away, with Sehun following after her and ignoring the threatening remarks from Jongin.

It feels very satisfying to let go.

“Sehun?” She calls softly, halting on her steps.

He looks up.


“Let’s go back now.” She mutters with a smile.

Sehun watches her for a second before he walks beside her.


Kyungsoo smiles as they walk together, their arms brushing ever so gently.

Feeling bold, Kyungsoo wraps her pinky with Sehun’s.

It’s simple but it’s very comforting.


A/N: Oho, the last time this is updated was exactly three months ago, and as most of you already know, I'm currently on hiatus to work on my graduation thesis so I'm very busy and stressed. My hiatus is not over yet! I just take a short break from thesis and this story is too cute for my heart so I have to update it (also because this chapter had been ready for months before I went to hiatus)

Other than that, I've been joining many of the fic fests; such as BAE and Baekbit! BAE is still posting right now (and I have two fics for BAE) while Baekbit posting is done by today morning and is currently on the period of Guess Who before Reveals on tomorrow (in which I wrote three fics here)

You can check and try to guess which ones are mine? If you are interested? ;) BAE masterlist and Baekbit masterlist + Baekbit Guess Who?

If you want to chat around, I'm always online in twitter (because I can rant there)~ I'm not sure when I will update again~ Please be patient while I'm finishing my thesis to graduate from university, I have life too y'know~ ;)

Thanks for reading! Comments will be very much appreciated and will make me very happy!

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