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Title: Baby Steps

Pairing: Chanbaek

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut

Length: Series

Summary: Don’t call Baekhyun as a stalker, because he is not. You can call him a puppy, but he is sure this is not a puppy love. He is just too much in love with Park Chanyeol from the next class.

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Chapter 8

On the next day, Chanyeol goes with Sehun to the apartment where Kyungsoo is staying with his rich boyfriend. He has sent a text message to Baekhyun, his boyfriend, to greet him a good morning.

Good morning, Baekhyun! ♥

He almost ignores all of Sehun’s words for he is too busy imagining the pretty blush that might be covering Baekhyun’s cheeks when he later finds the text message. It takes a few slaps on his shoulder from his friend before he realizes that they have arrived at the expensive apartment.

“I still can’t believe that Soo is staying at this place.” Sehun mutters, pushing the lift button to the right floor. Chanyeol nods. “Me too.”

He presses onto the bell of the apartment and it takes quite some time before the door is opened and Kyungsoo’s boyfriend is the one answering, in his half naked state. The both of them gape in surprise and it takes no long before they see their friend walks around with only a large shirt.

“Oh wow.” Sehun whistles after he comes back to his sense while Chanyeol fidgets on his feet in embarrassment. Kyungsoo chokes in surprise and he hides behind his older boyfriend, “Uh. M-Morning?”

They get invited inside and Chanyeol follows Sehun to sit onto the expensive couch. Kyungsoo runs away and they both stay silent, before finally Sehun breaks the tension with, “Do you think they did it?” He whispers, nudging Chanyeol on his arm. Chanyeol is still blushing and he rolls his eyes.

“Stop imagining Baekhyun or you will pop a boner.” Sehun says with a tiny smirk. Chanyeol chokes on his saliva. “I-I’m not!!”

“Yeah, and pigs can fly.” Sehun retorts, face straight and blank.

Chanyeol sighs and throws his hands in the air, giving up. He could never win against Sehun. The other boy grins triumphantly. “I know it! Anyway, did you see that Soo doesn’t wear any pants? And he is wearing that big shirt which I’m sure doesn’t belong to him? What do you think they did last night?”

“Hun, why are you being so pervert?” Chanyeol groans into his palms, his face slowly burning up. Sehun throws him a dirty look.

“I’m sorry but I’m not the one imagining a naked boyfriend in his bed and ice cream on his skin.”

Chanyeol chokes, coughing at the mention of that thing. “T-T-That was just a onetime thing!!! And it was a d-d-dream!!!” It was that one time when he was woken up with water pouring over his face from his dream slash nightmare. He didn’t know what had gotten into him at that day because he dreamt of Baekhyun being bare under him and droplets of melting ice cream all over him. It’s not good for his heart, and his junk.

“Whatever, Chan. You and I know you imagine it sometimes.” Sehun says with an evil grin and Chanyeol pouts at him. The other boy doesn’t seem to mind it and keeps on asking his thoughts about whether their short best friend has done the deed with his older boyfriend or not.

“I think they did something.” Sehun hums, a knowing smirk on his lips. It makes Chanyeol groans because imagining your best friend being intimate with his boyfriend is not something you would want in your brain. And now he can’t erase the visual out of his head.

“You can’t be so sure, Oh Sehun!” He groans in desperation. Sehun can be very annoying sometimes, wait, cross that, it’s actually all the times.

“Hey, I’m sure about that. In case you have not noticed—I’m sure you don’t but whatever—I can see nails marks on that Jongin hyung’s back! Oho, I can’t guess that Soo is a kinky little one!” Sehun fakes a whistle which fails miserably because he can’t whistle for his own good. Chanyeol groans again, holding a palm over his face.

Silence ensues between and Chanyeol internally sighs in relief, thinking that Sehun might be dropping the topic, but then he hears Sehun says, “Let’s see if Soo did limp…”

“Oh Sehun!” Chanyeol grunts into his hands. Again.

They wait for quite a while and Chanyeol uses the chance to glance to his phone. Baekhyun has sent him a reply and with an excited grin, he goes to click onto the closed envelope icon. His boyfriend’s reply comes in a cute short message of:

Good morning, Channie.

Chanyeol slaps a hand over his mouth to muffle his excited groan. He is just relieved that Sehun is too occupied with the expensive hanging chandelier on the ceiling to even make fun of him. He types a short message of, I’m with Sehun at Kyungsoo’s. I will visit you soon, Baek!

It takes a while before finally Kyungsoo walks back into the living room, pouting and now already clad in his favorite sweater and a pair of dark blue jeans. Sehun grins at him, giving him some kind of stare with hawk eyes that can’t keep Kyungsoo from whining.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asks, stomping his foot down before slowly sitting down on the couch, a move that doesn’t escape Sehun’s sharp eyes and Chanyeol’s curious gaze.

They say nothing and Kyungsoo has had enough with the silence. He crosses his arms in annoyance.

“We need to talk later.” Sehun winks at him. Kyungsoo grunts under his breath, cheeks heating up and puffed in annoyance. Chanyeol stifles a laugh at how Sehun really loves to tease them. Not long after, Kyungsoo’s rich boyfriend’s voice comes closer and gets louder on each step he takes.

Clad in business suit and speaking into the phone with business tone, he slips into the kitchen and Chanyeol and Sehun ignore the garbled mewl from Kyungsoo’s mouth. They watch their short friend goes closer to the rich businessman to help him buttoning his shirt up. Sehun makes a face at that and Chanyeol slaps his arm.

Kyungsoo and his boyfriend share some kisses before the said businessman nods at the two of them as a greeting. The man walks out of the apartment and Kyungsoo sighs fondly, being so much in love.

“Wow.” Sehun is the one to break the silence and Kyungsoo jolts up in surprise, seeming to forget their presence in the short span of five minutes.

“You surprise me!” He whines, closing the door and making his way to the living room. They follow after him before they sit silently in the living room.

“You act like his wife.” Sehun starts after a while, watching his reaction from the teasing. Kyungsoo blushes and fiddles with the long sleeves of his sweater. Chanyeol can’t help but to notice how shy their friend has become at the mention of him acting like a wife to his boyfriend. “I-I’m a boy and I should be his husband, not his wife!” Kyungsoo hisses with a smile.

Sehun pays no attention to his reply because his eyes have locked onto the obvious bite marks on his friend’s neck. He grins and Chanyeol can see that it doesn’t mean well.

“You are no longer virgin?” Sehun questions bluntly, making Kyungsoo yelps in surprise and Chanyeol looks like he needs help with breathing. “W-W-What are you talking a-about?” Kyungsoo blinks his eyes quickly, a sign that he is lying.

“You have marks all over your neck.” Sehun points out like it’s a talk about the weather. “How does it feel like? Having sex?” He leans closer, seeming excited. Chanyeol notes that Kyungsoo is blushing red by now.

“W-We did not!” Kyungsoo denies, his voice coming out as a shriek. Sehun sends him a pointed look. “But you limp while you walk. And you hiss when you sit.”

Kyungsoo whimpers in embarrassment. “Since when are you being so observant?”

“Since I know you are heading towards maturity too quick.” Sehun replies with a smirk.

Having enough of this, Chanyeol decides to break their banter with a breathy whisper of, “Can I have a glass of water, please?” and face red as if he had ran a marathon. He can’t take this conversation anymore, talking about adult things; he can’t help but to think about his new boyfriend again and again.

They move to the kitchen and Sehun still insists in about that. “Come on, Soo. You can tell us.”

“We did not have sex!” He deadpans, pushing the water into Chanyeol’s hand. Chanyeol gulps it down almost immediately.


Kyungsoo stops, trying to find a way out of this conversation but he could never win over Sehun. With a loud whine and a sigh, he gives up. Chanyeol almost feels bad for Kyungsoo, almost.

“We didn’t do it… but we might have done something close to it…” His short friend blushes.

And that takes Chanyeol’s interest. It’s no wrong to want to know something, right? He can use this as reference if maybe in the future he might be… doing the same thing with Baekhyun. “What did you two do?” He questions.

“We… This is so embarrassing! Can’t we talk about anything else?” Kyungsoo makes his way to the stove to fix a quick breakfast.

“We need to know!” Both of them say in unison. They don’t usually agree in the same thing.

“It was… i-it was, um, so g-good. I mean, it was so embarrassing! And awkward for me!” Kyungsoo wails.

Chanyeol’s ears perk up. “Why? What did he do?”

Kyungsoo starts blabbering about his sexcapades with his older boyfriend while both Chanyeol and Sehun are left grinning (plus blushing for Chanyeol).

They share a quick breakfast together just like what they usually do while listening to Kyungsoo story tells them.

“Anyway,” Kyungsoo finally remembers, gulping down the food in his mouth, “why are you two here?”

Chanyeol flicks his fingers as if he had just remembered it as well. They forget about everything with the talk of sex. “That’s it! We are starting classes tomorrow! I’m curious about the class schedule.”

“Can we go see the schedule today? They said it will be up a day before class starts, right?” Kyungsoo asks, which gets a nod from Sehun. “Yeah. Want to go see it?”

“Sure. Anyway, Chan.” Kyungsoo draws his attention back to Chanyeol who is cutting the sausages into small pieces.


“Is Baekhyun your boyfriend yet?” He asks, grinning.

Chanyeol chokes on his scrambled eggs, coughing quickly because he clearly doesn’t expect that question. Sehun rolls his eyes at him.

“Y-Yeah.” He answers after getting air back into his lungs, biting down on his bottom lip to stop himself from smiling. Kyungsoo squeals at his answer.

“He almost cried.” Chanyeol continues with a chuckle, “When I met him in the park, I directly asked him to be my boyfriend and he got silent that I was panicking.” He whispers softly, imagining the face from Baekhyun from last night.

“But then he sniffed and rubbed his eyes with his fists, he was so cute, and told me that he wondered when I would ask him to be my boyfriend.” Chanyeol grins widely, palming his cheeks in pure happiness. Ah, sweet Baekhyun, he misses him now.

“Awww…” Kyungsoo coos. Sehun chuckles.

Chanyeol’s eyes light up, “And he kissed me when I took him back to his dorm room. He told me to have a good night sleep before he hugged me tight, whispering ‘Good night, Channie’. I couldn’t sleep well last night.” He whispers, having a dreamy stare in his eyes.

“Come on! I want to meet that boyfriend of yours, Chan!” Kyungsoo suddenly says, jumping on his spot. At the mention of that, Chanyeol becomes too excited and he stands up almost immediately, almost knocking his head against the low hanging lamp just above the kitchen counter if not for Sehun pushing him away from it.

They see their classes schedule and Chanyeol has two same classes with Baekhyun and that seriously makes him very happy. More time to spend with Baekhyun!

Chanyeol takes Kyungsoo to his and Sehun’s dorm and Kyungsoo glances around in. “This is so cool! Where’s Baekhyun’s room? I want to meet him!”

Chanyeol moves in automatic and he easily takes them to four rooms away from his. He knocks onto the door, adjusting his clothes and collar. He just wants to look good for his boyfriend, okay?

“Yes?” Baekhyun’s soft voice resounds as he opens the door. Chanyeol’s eyes twinkle at the sight of his boyfriend. “Baek!”

Baekhyun grins at him, eyes squeezed at the corner just like how Chanyeol loves to see. “Hey, Chanyeol. Hello, Sehun and Kyungsoo! Would you like to come in?” He greets them, stepping aside to let them enter his dorm room.

The room is not so different from his and Sehun’s, but Baekhyun’s things are decorated nicely and neatly, which is a complete opposite of how Chanyeol’s room. “Where’s your roommate, Baek?” He asks, looking around.

“He is out with his girlfriend and I have the room all for myself until night!” Baekhyun laughs, looking so pretty and cute and adorable and Chanyeol just can’t hold back anymore. He steps closer to him and kisses his smiling lips softly, completely forgetting that it’s just their third real kiss on the lips and about how his friends can see him doing that. Baekhyun becomes the center of his attention.

Baekhyun’s lips are still as soft and tender as he remembers them to be, from all the two previous kisses they have.

At the sound of Kyungsoo’s squeal and Sehun’s snort, Chanyeol steps back, face red and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. He should really start to recognize his surroundings or he will end up doing everything in impulse.

“S-Sorry.” He whispers. Baekhyun is blushing so red and he fidgets on his feet. Chanyeol wants to kiss him again though. “I-It’s fine.” Baekhyun whispers softly.

“Naww, don’t be awkward, you two!” Kyungsoo giggles, pulling them to sit down side by side while he looks around. Baekhyun sits on the bed with Kyungsoo holding onto his arm gently. Chanyeol stays by the other side of his boyfriend to keep close to him, just because. Sehun watches them while sitting on the study chair.

“Has Chanyeol treated you well? If he ever does something you don’t like, don’t be afraid to tell us! We will pull his ears off!” Kyungsoo says and Baekhyun giggles softly at that.

“He is very kind to me. Don’t worry about that. Chanyeol is perfect.” Baekhyun says softly, sending a smile to his tall boyfriend. Chanyeol feels his heart soars up to the sky and he reaches to cuddle Baekhyun into his arms, much to his boyfriend’s embarrassment.

“Why are you so cute,” he whispers into Baekhyun’s head, squishing him tight.

Sehun face palms at Chanyeol’s dork act while Kyungsoo squeals here and there.

“You guys are so cute! I’m your number one fan!” He shrieks in excitement. Baekhyun whimpers softly and buries his face into Chanyeol’s shoulder.

“Thanks!” Chanyeol grins up in happiness. Baekhyun grunts like an offended puppy because of his answer.

“Chanyeol, you are killing him.” Sehun comments, seeing the red faced Baekhyun on the verge of exploding. Chanyeol releases his boyfriend and inspects his red face, before squeezing him tight again because he is being so cute right now! Baekhyun whimpers but does nothing to push his away.

“You are going to be the death of me one of these days,” he mutters softly, running his hands up and down along Baekhyun’s back. The boy huffs softly, his fingers gripping onto the side of Chanyeol’s sweater for leverage.

“I’m afraid for you, Baekhyun. It seems like Chanyeol can’t even keep his hands off of you. Who knows when he will attack you.” Sehun comments, lifting an eyebrow teasingly.

Baekhyun yelps in embarrassment and pushes Chanyeol away. He palms his red cheeks to calm himself down and Chanyeol pouts at how he is cut off Baekhyun’s cuddle supply because of what Sehun had said.

“Go away!” He childishly barks to Sehun who ignores him, even as far as challenges him with a quirk of his eyebrows.

“Do you seriously want to kick us out of a room which is not even yours, Chanyeol?” Sehun crosses his arms.

Baekhyun hits the tall boy on his arm. “This is my room. Don’t be rude to your friends.”

Kyungsoo squeals, throwing his arms around Baekhyun. “He is so perfect! Baekhyun, tell me when Chanyeol treats you unfairly! I’m going to chop him off! I’m good with knifes so don’t worry!”

“Soo!” Chanyeol huffs in betrayal. He can’t believe his own friends all gang up against him!

Baekhyun touches his arm, giving him a cute yet shy smile, and Chanyeol feels whatever annoyance he felt just down disappears. The boy reaches to pinch his cheek with his pretty fingers.

“Don’t frown.”

Kyungsoo holds a hand over his chest, sighing like a proud mother. “I miss Jongin hyung. I should just go back home now or I’m going to puke rainbows! You two are so cute!”

“We will walk you back.” Sehun says, rising up from the chair. Chanyeol nods and Baekhyun follows suit.

“I can walk back by myself!”

“Yes, but we don’t trust you.” Sehun pinches his cheek, while Chanyeol does the same on the other side. Baekhyun laughs at the pout Kyungsoo is making.

“Whatever! Come on!” He pouts then stomps his way out of the room childishly.

“Do you want to come?” Chanyeol asks, holding onto his boyfriend’s hand. Baekhyun grins up. “Sure.”

After taking Kyungsoo back to his apartment, Chanyeol pushes Sehun out of the way. Sehun gives him a stinky look and walks back to the dorm alone, while Chanyeol grabs onto Baekhyun’s unsuspecting hand to drag him away from the dorm direction.

“Where are we going?” Baekhyun asks, waddling cutely after him. Chanyeol can’t contain his feelings.

“Do you want to eat some spicy rice cakes? So we can spend more time together?”

Baekhyun blinks his eyes before he bends his head down, blushing in embarrassment. “Okay.” He whispers softly. Chanyeol excitedly drags him towards the street food direction.

They buy some rice cakes and fish cakes too. Chanyeol watches his cute boyfriend eats all the food excitedly, pushing the food into his full mouth before chewing like a very cute hamster. Oh goodness, Baekhyun is so cute!

“Why? Do I have any sauce?” Baekhyun notices his look and reaches a hand up to pat around his mouth. Chanyeol’s eyes are now locked onto his reddening lips from eating steaming rice cakes and oh how much he wants to kiss those lips.

“Chanyeol? You are scaring me?” Baekhyun meekly gulps. Chanyeol blinks away before he grins.

“Nothing! I’m just staring at your cuteness.”

Baekhyun purses his lips. “I’m not cute.” He grumbles, stuffing more fish cakes into his mouth.

“Cute people never know they are cute,” Chanyeol adds. Baekhyun glares at him.

“I’m not trying to be cute.”

“You don’t have to do anything and you are already so cute, Baekhyun.” He is not lying. Baekhyun doesn’t know how freaking cute he is, it’s even bordering unhealthy for Chanyeol’s heart.

“Uh, whatever you say.” Baekhyun pouts, but there is a telltale of smile on the corner of his lips. Chanyeol grins and reaches to feed him rice cakes.

They walk back to the dorm hand in hand; well actually it’s Chanyeol who insists in holding his hand. Baekhyun is a blushing mess at first but he overcomes it as the tall boy jokes around with him.

Chanyeol swings their hands back and forth, eliciting soft laugh from Baekhyun. They chat for more and Chanyeol really appreciates their private time together. Who knows when they will be able to go out freely like this?

Baekhyun knocks onto his door and finds that the senior of his roommate is not back yet.

“Do you want to come in and spend more time?” He offers, in which Chanyeol answers with a wide grin and excited nod.

As soon as the door is closed behind their back, Chanyeol grabs his boyfriend by his wrist to pull him closer. Baekhyun looks up, tilting his head because of their height difference, while blinking his eyes questioningly.

“Chanyeol? What’s wrong?”

“Can I… can I kiss you?” Chanyeol blurts out. Baekhyun digests the question for a good second before he blushes and nods his head.

With both palms holding onto Baekhyun’s cheeks, Chanyeol bends his knees down to tilt his head. Their noses bump together and Baekhyun smiles. It makes his heart flutters to see that smile being cause by him. More carefully, Chanyeol tilts his head aside for more before he can feel Baekhyun’s ragged breathing hitting the upper part of his mouth.

So, the nervous one here is not only Chanyeol. With that in mind, he goes forward to cut the remaining gap and presses his mouth softly on top of Baekhyun. He can feel Baekhyun’s hands gripping onto his jacket, gripping so tight and rough.

Their lips mold together and Chanyeol thinks this is, finally, their first real kiss. Those previous ones are just mere lips press. Right now, he moves his lips, mimicking what he had seen on western movies and from all the imagination of kissing Baekhyun. The boy purses his lips, trying to follow after his clumsy lead but they just end up nibbling softly without any rule.

He can feel Baekhyun’s mouth quirks up to a smile in their kiss and that makes Chanyeol smiles as well. They are clumsy as this is just their first relationship ever but who cares? They can learn together as time goes by.

Baekhyun purses his lips out, pressing for more and Chanyeol gladly accepts his offer. He smooches his soft lips, trapping Baekhyun’s lower lip in between his own and nibbling on it gently. Baekhyun’s hand goes up to squeeze his arm, not expecting that it seems.

It takes them a few more seconds before Chanyeol leans back, detaching their mouths from the gentle lip lock.

“You okay?” He whispers softly, not wanting to ruin the moment. Baekhyun’s cheeks are flushed in soft pink and his lips are kind of red, but the eye smile he gives him is the best.

“Yes.” Baekhyun mutters softly.

Chanyeol grins, ignoring his red ears which give his embarrassment away, before he pulls Baekhyun to his chest to hug him so tight.

“My Baekhyunnie, my puppy, you are too cute to be true.”

Usually, Baekhyun would be retorting about how he is not cute and so on, but this time he says nothing and just leans his whole weight onto Chanyeol’s chest. They hug; Chanyeol makes some soft movement from side to side while keeping his arms around his boyfriend.

It doesn’t sound real but it’s real, when Baekhyun whispers a soft, “…only cute for you. No one else.”

That makes Chanyeol’s heart soars up to the sky and he kisses Baekhyun again and again until the night come.


A/N: Oho, the last time this is updated was exactly three months ago, and as most of you already know, I'm currently on hiatus to work on my graduation thesis so I'm very busy and stressed. My hiatus is not over yet! I just take a short break from thesis and this story is too cute for my heart so I have to update it (also because I had half of the chapter ready since three months ago so I just need to finish it)

Other than that, I've been joining many of the fic fests; such as BAE and Baekbit! BAE is still posting right now (and I have two fics for BAE) while Baekbit posting is done by today morning and is currently on the period of Guess Who before Reveals on tomorrow (in which I wrote three fics here)

You can check and try to guess which ones are mine? If you are interested? ;) BAE masterlist and Baekbit masterlist + Baekbit Guess Who?

If you want to chat around, I'm always online in twitter (because I can rant there)~ I'm not sure when I will update again~ Please be patient while I'm finishing my thesis to graduate from university, I have life too y'know~ ;)

Thanks for reading! Comments will be very much appreciated and will make me very happy!

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