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Title: Shake It: Show, Show, Show

Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Kai/Kyungsoo, Lay/Suho

Genre: Romance, Smut, Fluff

Warning: Fem!Baekhyun, Fem!Kyungsoo, Fem!Suho

Length: 4 chapters

Summary: The leader of the sexy dance cover group shakes the interest of the head of the agency, the youngest in the group shakes a poor fan boy’s heart, and the both of them inspire a fan girl to be confident like them and she meets a dance coach to teach her right.

show, show, show.jpg

Show, Show, Show

“I have seen so many of your dance videos but I would like to see a live performance. Do you mind giving me one?”

Baekhyun fakes a hum as she walks closer to the man. She sits on the edge of the desk, right in front of the man. The man leans back against his leather chair.

“You want me to give you a private show, Mr. Park?” Baekhyun leans closer, giving a perfect sight of her low cut shirt.

There’s a hand tracing along her naked thigh. The man stares up at her with a lazy look in his eyes. “Go ahead.” His lips pull into a teasing smirk.

Baekhyun licks her bottom lip. “With pleasure.”

The man leans back again, letting her slips away. Baekhyun goes to the door, locking it with a click, before she goes to stand in the middle of the room. Mr. Park’s eyes are locked onto her every movement and with that, Baekhyun starts doing a dance without any music.

She runs her hands along her chest, purposely being a tease because she knows that everyone likes it when she touches herself. Her fingers dance along her thighs as she swings her hips from side to side. It’s supposed to be a secret dance movement that has yet to be filmed, but she is spoiling the man for being the first to watch her. Not even Kyungsoo or Yixing have seen this.

Her thin crop t-shirt is barely covering anything and she is aware of how people can see her red bra though the see-through fabric. The t-shirt swings when she makes a body wave, her tummy is revealed slightly.

Baekhyun walks closer to the man while doing her dance, her heels clicking against the floor. When she is close enough, she spins around and shakes her ass right in front of the man’s face. Baekhyun smiles to himself, feeling a bit like a tease and at the same time like an idiot for dancing without any music, but who cares?

She is startled when a hand touches her ass, groping onto it. Biting her lip at the touch, Baekhyun hums softly. She is wearing a short skirt and it’s very easy for the man to just slip his hand under the fabric but he keeps his hand there.

Baekhyun spins around, getting back to sit on the edge of the desk while panting.

“How was the show, Mr. Park?” She asks, grinning cutely. The man chuckles, giving her a smirk. She waits for his answer silently, panting to calm her erratic heart. She wants him, oh gosh. He is so fucking hot and she bets his cock is huge.

He rises up from his seat, standing so close to her, and trapping her on his desk.

“I like it a lot.” He whispers, voice so low and fuck, Baekhyun feels so wet in between her legs.

“Mmh. What should I do next?” She purrs, lifting an arm to tug onto the man’s tie. Mr. Park laughs, leaning closer and lower to her.

“I’m going to show you. Would you like that?” His breathing hits the side of her lips. Baekhyun bites her lip. “Definitely.”

Mr. Park dips down to kiss her, rough and fast. Baekhyun moans into his mouth, wrapping her two arms around his neck to pull him down. She loves his lips. He has such a pair of plump lips that is so sexy and delicious and just so damn perfect. Baekhyun lets out a moan when he licks on her lip.

“Mr. Park,” she whispers, gazing up at him with her lustful eyes. The man whispers, “Call me Chanyeol.”

Baekhyun smiles. “Okay. Chanyeol.” She squeezes his neck teasingly. His smirk is enough to tell her that he wants to screw her as much as she wants to be screwed by him.

A hand moves on her thigh and Baekhyun whimpers, parting her legs wide. The rough and warm fingers grip onto the flesh, as if playing on a piano, before slowly slipping under the fabric of her skirt. Baekhyun locks her eyes with his.

When his fingers touch the damp fabric of her g-string, she lets out a moan. “Naughty.” Chanyeol whispers, smirking. Baekhyun lets out a soft sound, feeling his finger rubs on her.

He pushes the string aside and presses one finger on her wet folds, making her keens in pleasure. Baekhyun moves her hips down, wanting the digit into her so damn much. Chanyeol kisses her again, tangling their tongues together while slipping a finger in. Baekhyun moans into his mouth, her fingers pulling onto his locks.

“Ah, yes,” she whimpers, feeling another digit gets into her core. His fingers are so thick and long, they tease her inner walls and easily find her g-spot in a record time.

Baekhyun trembles, parting her legs wider as his hand thrusts into her steadily, making slick sounds. Chanyeol nips on her neck, muttering about how she is such a good girl, taking his fingers in. His low voice is so arousing and Baekhyun finds herself shaking in pleasure.

Unexpectedly, he pulls his fingers out. Baekhyun whines in disappointment, yet her voice cracks in a scream when he goes down to kneel and pulls her hips more towards the edge of the desk. Her g-string is stuck aside and Chanyeol dips forward to lick her wet juice. Baekhyun cries out, flailing to find a grip as his lips suck on her clit.

“Y-Yes, yes, more!” She moans out, finding purchase on the edge of the desk. It feels so good, so fucking good. His tongue is teasing along her folds split up to her clit, tickling so gently.

Baekhyun reaches to pull her crop t-shirt over her head and starts massaging her own boobs, crying out in pleasure. She wants to come. She is already so damn close.

“C-Chanyeol, uuuh, ngh, so close…”

He hums against her core, his thumbs rubbing her inner thighs as if to assure her that she could come. Baekhyun arches her back off of the desk, coming in a gush of juice into his awaiting mouth.

Chanyeol licks her clean, even as far as sucking a big bold mark on her thigh, before he stands back to his feet. He finds her almost naked and sprawled open willingly for him. He chuckles, groping onto her boobs through her bra. Baekhyun moans out weakly, feeling weak yet wanting for more.

“What does my baby want, hm?” He asks, slowly pulling the straps of her bra down to her arms. He reaches to her back to unclasp the bra, throwing it back until it hangs onto his leather seat. Baekhyun squirms under his stare, feeling so naked and exposed.

“I- I want your cock.” She whispers, biting her lip. Chanyeol’s eyes twinkle darkly. “Oh, you are going to get it, baby. I will give it to you.”

He dips down, mouth parted. He traps her boob into his mouth, sucking it forcefully that it makes Baekhyun screams out in pleasure. Chanyeol gropes onto the other one, rubbing the perked nipple with his thumb, while his tongue licks her boob thoroughly. Baekhyun’s body trembles under his ministration.

“Nnggh,” she whimpers, jutting her chest up to offer more to him. Chanyeol rises up, cupping her breasts with his two palms and groping them roughly. Baekhyun squirms, gasping and moaning like a bitch in heat.

“Look at you. So hungry for more, huh.” He says, chuckling. Baekhyun nods, moaning when his fingers pinch her nipples. “Please.”

Chanyeol releases her boobs, reaching to shrug his suit off. He goes to undo his belt and unbuckle his pants. Baekhyun stares straight onto his crotch, waiting until her treat is revealed. When he drags his boxers down, a long cock springs out and oh, does she moan at that.

“P-Please.” She whispers, parting her legs wide. Baekhee sees him locking his eyes on her wet folds and she lifts a hand up to her mouth, licking her palm before she moves it back down. She rubs onto her clit and she sighs in delight, pleasuring herself. Her eyes stare straight into his and she can see his resolve breaking.

Chanyeol rummages into the drawer of his desk. He pulls a strip of condom, ripping it open, before slipping it on his cock. Baekhyun bites on her lip in excitement. She lifts her legs to the desk and hears her heels are clicking against it.

The man pumps his erection while his eyes are locked with hers. Baekhyun moans when the tip of his cock presses against her opening. With their eyes still lock together, Chanyeol pushes in and she gasps at the intrusion. He is so huge. The real size doesn’t even compare to how it looks to bare eyes.

Chanyeol plants his palms against the desk, stilling at the tightness wrapped around his cock. Baekhyun pants softly, enjoying the twitching of cock inside of her whenever her inner walls contract and give it a massage.

“You feel so fucking good inside.” Chanyeol whispers, leaning down to kiss her neck. Baekhyun throws her head back, humming in delight. She bucks her hips up, moaning right into his ear to rile him up. It works though, because Chanyeol is groaning against her boob and then he starts thrusting.

His movement is slow and short, but precise. His cock is so deep, digging into her and rubbing against her g-spot on each push and pull. Baekhyun cries out in pleasure, eyes falling shut.

Chanyeol chuckles breathlessly, rocking into her and watching her pink folds wrap around his cock so tightly. He gazes up, staring at her boobs jiggling lazily caused by his every movement. He reaches a hand and gropes on, using it as leverage when he fastens his speed.

Baekhyun gasps at the sudden change of pace, moaning and drooling. She looks so perfectly wrecked, accepting his every move and offering him her everything. This is the best sex she had ever done.

However, Chanyeol pulls out when she feels her orgasm is nearing. With a look of question, she stares up at him. The only answer she gets is a chuckle, before he spins her around, making her gets onto her hands and knees on top of the desk. Baekhyun pants, glancing back through her shoulder.

Chanyeol is staring at her round ass, lifting a palm and then slapping it. Baekhyun keens in pleasure, moaning submissively. He chuckles at her reaction and lands another slap. She cries out, jutting her ass more for another.

“You are such a bitch.” He laughs, circling an arm around her waist and helping her to get down from the desk.

He goes to sit on the leather seat and he pulls her into his lap. Baekhyun grabs a hold of his cock, slowly sitting down on it and moaning as it is finally back inside of her.

She rides his cock, moving up and down while gripping onto the desk in front of her. Chanyeol drags his mouth along her shoulder, hugging her waist, and thrusting up into her. His teeth dig into her neck, marking her.

Baekhyun pants heavily, her tongue lolling out of her mouth while she fucks herself on his cock. Chanyeol moves his hands up, groping her breasts again roughly, and helping her moves up and down.

“S-So good! So good— ah! Ahh! Chanyeol, unghh!!” She whimpers, riding like a cow girl.

Chanyeol chuckles on the back of her head. “Good girl. Keep it up, baby.”

He moves one hand down, rubbing onto her swollen clit to fasten her orgasm. Baekhyun’s voice cracks and she comes onto his cock, spilling wet and slick. She slumps back against his chest, gasping for breath.

Chanyeol’s hands massage her sides. “Help me with my release, baby?”

Baekhyun’s eyes snap open and she lifts herself off of his still hard cock. She kneels down, grinning up at him. Chanyeol sits back onto the seat, enjoying the image. She pulls onto the condom, taking it off, before she goes to envelop his cock with her mouth. He groans, fingers coming up to grip onto her locks.

“So fucking good, baby.” He says through gritted teeth, watching her lips wrap around his cock like a popsicle. She hums, pulling away to give a long lick from his shaft to his tip. She even puts his balls into her mouth, slurping greedily. Chanyeol chuckles breathlessly. This little tease.

When she puts his cock back into her mouth, Chanyeol immediately thrusts in. She chokes in surprise, before she regains herself back and she starts relaxing her throat, letting him fucks her mouth.

“Fuck, baby. You are amazing.” Chanyeol holds onto the back of her head, grunting at the pleasure. Baekhyun closes her eyes, moaning around his cock.

He pulls out when he is so close. Baekhyun’s eyes snap open and she finds him jacking off in front of her mouth. She parts her lips, waiting impatiently. When the first spurt comes, it lands right into her mouth. Chanyeol groans, coming in another wave and it lands a bit to her cheek. Baekhyun closes her eyes, humming in delight.

“Look at you. So fucking pretty with my cum on your face, baby.”

Her mouth is red and smeared with the cum. She licks her lips clean, even goes to suck the dripping come on the tip of his cock. Chanyeol groans, pushing her away because he is still so sensitive. Baekhyun giggles, wiping her mouth with her hand.

“So…” Baekhyun starts, looking up at him. Chanyeol gazes down at her, already calm from his orgasm.


“What’s now?” She asks, tilting her head aside. So much for acting innocent after getting wrecked so good.

Chanyeol laughs at her. He pulls her up from the floor, letting her settles on his lap. He runs his hands over her face, cleaning the cum and sweat away.

“Well, for the first,” he says, caressing her head, “you could get dressed so I won’t get another boner.”

Baekhyun giggles and nods, putting back her bra and t-shirt. She helps him zipping his pants up, smirking. Chanyeol pecks her mouth.

“And the next?”

“Hm, the next is,” Chanyeol pulls her back down into his lap again, “you can give me your number?”

Baekhyun laughs at that, pecking his cheek. “Okay. Are you going to take me out for a date?”

Chanyeol smiles, shrugging. “Sure.”


A/N: Excuse my perv mind ₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾ Hope you like this. Thank you so much for reading!

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