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Title: Loving the Trouble

Pairing: Jonghyun/Key

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut, Mpreg, Crack

Length: Series

Summary: Getting into an arranged marriage is bad, being forced into a marriage with your sworn enemy is worse, but having a kid with them is the worst.

Loving the Trouble 3.png
Poster by: hope <3

Chapter 2

“Shut up!”

“No! You shut up!”

“This is because of you!”

“The fuck? It’s because you bring bad luck!”

“Boys, boys!” The mothers call, glaring while clapping their hands to shut the two bickering males. Jonghyun pants heavily, his throat sore from screaming so loud and for more than twenty minutes at the cat boy in front of him. He can’t help but to take note about how Kim fucking Kibum has a more defined curve now. If only he is not so sassy, he would bring him to the nearest hotel and have his way with him already.

They are already out of the diner place. Their mothers are embarrassed at how much they are screaming to each other, apologizing to the place’s manager for causing such a scene. The two males can’t stop screaming on top of their lungs, blaming each other about this sudden turn of their life, when in fact the ones to blame are their mother though.

“Mom, please.” Kim fucking Kibum begs to his mother, giving sad eyes that should pass enough to be called adorable but it seems like the mother is immune to that gaze because she flicks her fingers across her son’s forehead. Jonghyun snorts at the yelp and he gets a death glare from the male.

“This is the final decision. You two are going to be married to each other. And no more pleading.” She lifts a finger to shut them up when she sees them opening their mouth to talk back.

“Look at you two. You are gorgeous males! Imagine the amount and quality of grandchildren we will get!” The two mothers squeal.

Jonghyun makes a gagging sound, imagining the thought (well, maybe a bit turned on because even though he despises Kim fucking Kibum, he still finds him gorgeous and all).

His mother claps her hands. “We should start talking about the wedding preparation! We have less than six months until the wedding will be held!”

He gaps in shock and Kim fucking Kibum gasps loudly. “You can’t be serious!”

No mother listens to them.

Work goes relatively normal after the shocking news about him being ‘betrothed’. Talk about being dramatic, huh.

Jonghyun works like a very diligent worker, finishing impending documents, talking with possible investors, and securing new contracts for expanding in new country. Such a good worker he is, right?

During break time, he goes to flirt with the female employees, whispering sweet nothings, and luring them for a quick fuck in the restroom. Nothing feels better than a release in the middle of busy working days.

Halfway into persuading the girl with big boobs to follow him into the restroom, all the women around him stop talking and giggling and they seem to be bowing politely to something behind Jonghyun’s back. He stops smiling and glances back through his shoulder, only to find his parents standing there, frowning at him. He sighs. This is going to be a long day.

They sit him down on the couch in his own office. His father is giving him some stern look which he doesn’t really pay attention to and his mother is on the verge of talking his ears off.

“How could you flirt around with people, Jonghyun?”

“How could you forbid me from doing it?” He asks back, jutting his lower lip out. Better be acting cute when papa and mama start nagging.

“You do realize that you are going to get married soon.” His father says, lifting an eyebrow at him. Jonghyun huffs, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Can we not talk about it?”

“No is a no. You are going to get married soon, Jonghyun. Don’t make things difficult more than you already did.”

He gasps, faking a hurt expression while placing a hand over his chest. “Mom, why do you blame me for this?”

His mother sends him a look of that shows she is not even affected by his poor acting. “You know how many problems you have done, Jonghyun. Just because we overlook at those, it doesn’t mean that you can keep doing it.”

“I haven’t done anything wrong!”

“Well, sleeping around? What if you knock someone up?”

“That’s… Well, but I haven’t!”

“Jonghyun. Listen to your mother.” His father frowns. Jonghyun puts a challenging face and he keeps a strong eye contact with his father, but then he fails and he starts whining out like a little child.

“I don’t want to get married, Mom! Dad!”

His parents don’t even pay attention to his begging. “No more objection, son.”

Jonghyun stomps his feet to the floor, acting much like a kid throwing a tantrum.


Working as a designer for a famous and high class international magazine makes Kibum a very stylish and busy person. His hand never stops sketching and his brain never stops thinking. People can talk around him and even talk to him and he will still respond to them even with his hand working on the newest set of outfit.

His studio is pretty much crowded with fabrics and mannequins. He forgets about when he buys his clothes from others. It seems like he designs everything he wears by himself.

When the photo shoot for the magazine is held, he will be standing on the sideline, judging the expression of the models and pondering over what poses that would showcase his designed outfits the most. That’s one of his most favorite things to do in this world.

Well… another favorite thing of his is to watch the half naked male models prancing around the photo shoot studio with their nice body and sun kissed complexion. They are so sexy and Kibum can’t help but to flirt once or twice in a day, running his lithe fingers along the males’ bulging arms, or even pretending to fix their outfits just as a reason to touch their abs.

Usually, he will just flirt and exchange numbers with the models and then he is done for the day. When he is lucky enough, he could strike some exciting moments with the models, be it in the closed studio room or at the nearest hotel they could find.

It seems like he gets none of those today, because his mother is glaring at him with a stern look on her barely aging face. Kibum wonders what’s she is doing here when the photo shoot is clearly still going.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” He asks, giving her a side glance while pretending on reviewing the way the outfit follows the model’s posture. She is not easy to trick and Kibum gets a quick pinch on his arm. He hisses in pain, pouting at his mother.

“What did I do this time?” He questions, rubbing onto his arm to soothe the pain.

His mother holds onto her temple, massaging the headache away. “I want you to go straight home right after this. No more hanging around those models, Kibummie.”

“And why is that?”

“If you actually forget, then I will gladly remind you again that you are going to be married to Jonghyun soon.”

“Oh my gosh, mom! Don’t need to say it so loudly!” He looks around, sighing in relief when no one seems to hear it. He glances back to his mother, “And I have never agreed to that plan!”

“Well, good news: you are still getting married in six months!”

“Mom, oh gosh.” Kibum grunts, being the one massaging his head this time.

“Don’t even think of spending a night with stranger again, Kibummie. I will tell Jonghyun about it and we will see him taming your wild side.” His mother says with a glare but then she teases him with the wriggles of her eyebrows.

Kibum rolls his eyes. As if he cares. That guy might have it worst than him anyway.

The both of them find themselves trapped in the talk of wedding plan. Again. It seems like their mothers are way too excited for this, having a daily phone call and even having meet up as if they don’t run out of things to talk about.

It’s boring and Jonghyun is playing a game in his phone. His mother drags him out of his office room only for him to sit there and listen to her giggling excitedly over an absurd plan.

Kibum has to cancel his meeting with his fabrics supplier just because his mother needs him to come with her and sit by her side while he ignores the way she is talking about her and he concentrates in scrolling through his Instagram.

Jonghyun is bored. The game is boring and he can’t get out of the place without his mother. He doesn’t have anything to do. His eyes catch the sight of his soon to be spouse (cue the rolling eyes) and without he realizes it, he has his eyes locked onto the guy.

He has to admit, Kim Kibum is a guy of one of a kind. He has smooth skin and fair complexion. He also has a side of feminine and a side of masculinity. His overall is so gorgeous and attractive and, damn, if he didn’t reject Jonghyun all those years back and let Jonghyun tap that ass, he wouldn’t despise this marriage this badly.

It seems like he is staring for quite a long time to make him appears just like a stalker because Kim Kibum gazes up and their eyes make the contact.

“Why are you staring at me, you asshole?”

Jonghyun snorts. “As if I want to look at you!”

“Well, you just did!”

“These are my eyes! I can do anything I want with them!”

Kibum scoffs. “You are so childish!”

“Excuse you? You are the one to talk?”

And there goes their calm session with all this banter. Their mothers watch in amusement and they silently rise up from the chair, leaving the two of them alone.

Their own respective phone rings and with a huff, they answer the call.

“What?” Jonghyun huffs into the phone.

“Jonghyun, wait for me and don’t you dare leave by yourself. I will be back there in less than an hour.” His mother’s voice resonates through the speaker. He glances to where his mother is supposed to sit and he groans when he realizes that she is not there.

“What is it?” Kibum barks.

“Is that how you talk to your mother, Kibum? Anyway, stay there until I come back. Don’t even try to sneak out.”

He snaps his head and wails in annoyance at the lack of her presence.

They are left alone when it’s clear as the day that no one can stand each other’s presence. Jonghyun sighs as he secretly steals a glance to the other male.

Thinking about it, they are now trapped in the problem of being in an arranged marriage, by their own respective mother, which they can’t escape from. Even though they are adults, their parents still have control over them and they can’t do anything against their parents because they are no ungrateful child.

It’s going to be a tough life from now on and Jonghyun, imagining about how it’s going to be, fleets his eyes onto the male who is once again scrolling on his phone while wearing a pout on his face.

He clears his throat.

“Hey.” Jonghyun calls, trying to get his attention, which fails because Kim fucking Kibum is blatantly ignoring him.

“Oi.” He tries again, yet he gets the same treatment. Gritting his teeth, Jonghyun reaches to grab onto the male’s phone, taking the device away from him. As expected, Kim Kibum glares at him.

“How dare you! Give me back my phone!” He snaps, looking very much alike to an angry cat.

Jonghyun lifts the device in between his fingers. “I will, if you listen to me.”

There is a look of hesitation and refusal on Kibum’s face but in order to get his phone back without making a scene here, he crosses his arms in front of his chest and glares at the male in front of him.

Jonghyun starts, “About this marriage— listen to me first before you say anything.” He lifts a hand up, silencing the male. “I know that we can’t do anything about it. However, I have a proposition to make.”

Kibum gives him a judging look. “And that is?”

“I say that we keep going through the plan of the marriage.”

“Did you knock your head somewhere?”

“No, listen. We get married and we keep it calm for over a year. Right after a year is over, we can get the divorcement papers ready. How do you think?” Jonghyun asks, smiling proudly as if it’s the greatest idea ever.

Kibum makes a face. “And you think it will work?”

“Of course! Look, my parents want me to marry you so damn bad, the same goes to yours. It won’t be good and it will just make everything harder if we keep being against it. Who knows what kind of another sick plan mothers can make. I suggest we follow through what they want and after we fulfill their request, we can do whatever we want. I keep my privacy, and so you do.”

Jonghyun thinks he might be hitting a jackpot because he can see the slight change on Kibum’s face, as if the male is considering his plan. If they go through this plan, their life will be so damn easy.

“Do you think it will work?” Kibum asks, narrowing his eyes on him.

Jonghyun smiles brightly. “Of course! All they want us to do is to follow through what they want! If we do, they won’t say anything else!”

Kibum thinks deeply. “And I will get my freedom back?”


They stay silent, thinking for Kibum and waiting for Jonghyun.

“If this is not going to work, you will take all the blame. Are we clear here?” Kibum asks, giving him a judging glare.

Jonghyun rolls his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

It takes a while, but then Kibum nods his head. “Okay, give me back my phone.”

A wide smile blooms on Jonghyun as he slowly gives the phone back. As Kibum tries to grab the device back to him, Jonghyun takes it back.

“Is this a deal?” He asks to assure. Kibum glares at him, opening his palm to get his phone back.

“Deal, you fucktard.”

Jonghyun smiles happily, putting the device back into the awaiting palm.


A/N: They secured a deal! And I'm back (since the last update in February)! Thank you so much for reading! I hope I can deliver the crack well~ (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡॰ॱ

Anyway, I'm back in the business and am writing for fic fest! (And I also am doing tweet fics in twitter hehe) (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Leave me some comments! Do you miss me? Heheh (♥→o←♥)

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