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Title: Not As Easy

Pairing: Kai/Kyungsoo

Genre: Wolf!AU, Romance, Smut, Fluff, Semi-Angst

Length: Series

Summary: At last, Kyungsoo finds his alpha. He will be a mated omega and will have a happily ever after life; except that his alpha doesn’t aware that he is a wolf and thinks he is a human. Series of problems ensue.

Poster by: ❝ soshim graphics request shop ❞

Chapter 2

“What the fuck! What the fuck!” Kyungsoo grunts as he skips all the way back to his house.

This is so not happening! His alpha doesn’t recognize him! Did he spray too much cologne? Or did the bookstore is too crowded and he can’t distinguish his sweet scent?

Kyungsoo whines like a spoiled kid he is. He is hard and his pants are wet! All because of his alpha who doesn’t even recognize him! He should be taking care of him right now, making slow sweet love to him or rimming him, but NO. The alpha didn’t even glance back at him.

“What the hell is going on here?” Kyungsoo drops onto his knees, throwing his head up and pulling onto his messy locks. Talk about being dramatic.

This is not going to happen. He needs to come up to that alpha again! He will spread his sweet omega scent and he will make the alpha falls onto his knees, begging for him to mate. Yes, then they will mate right on the spot! Kyungsoo no longer cares!

But wait. Where could he find his alpha? Kyungsoo gets so annoyed and frustrated that he forgets about that. With a loud groan of annoyance (which is directed more to himself and the whole world), he strips off of his clothes to shower the heat away.

If only his alpha could smell him, he would have a knot locked in his ass already by now. They could be making slow love just like how Joonmyeon always does. They could even fuck like rabbits just like how Baekhyun always does.

“Why is this happening to me?” He whines, sobbing like a little kid, like the spoiled youngest omega he is.

Is there any reason of why his alpha can’t smell him or recognize him? Does he have a ruined nose? Maybe his senses are fucked up? All the wolves should be able to smell, moreover for alphas. Alphas have a more developed sense.

It feels as if his alpha is a human—

“What?” Kyungsoo croaks out, ignoring the cold shower running down onto his head.


His alpha could be a human.

How should he confront him? Kyungsoo can’t be coming up to him and tell ‘hey, you are a wolf and you are my alpha. Let’s do a horizontal tango right here right now.’

“Oh, shit, man.” Kyungsoo makes a face, screaming into his palms.

No matter how his alpha is a ‘human’, Kyungsoo should still tell his father that he had already found his mate. It is a rule in their pack that the head pack should know the mate of everyone under his care so he could be responsible and make sure they are taken care of well.

Well, it’s now or never.

He walks out from his room, starting on slow steps before he grows impatient with himself and then he starts running down the hall to his father’s location.

“Dad! Dad!” Kyungsoo bounces around, knocking onto the door of his father’s room. He hears a groan from the inside.

“What’s wrong?” His father calls, voice muffled from the inside. Kyungsoo chews the inside of his cheek, choosing the right words to say.

“I smell him! I smell my alpha!”

The head pack stiffens at the mention of his youngest omega child finding a potential mate. He comes towards the door, heavy footsteps echoing in the room before the door is yanked open.

“Where is he?” The head pack asks, eyes narrowed while looking around and nose flaring while sniffing around.

“Err, that… I haven’t come to him yet.” Kyungsoo admits.

His father gives him a stare. “And why haven’t you?”

Kyungsoo blinks cutely, grinning to hide his nervousness. “He… lives as a human?”

The silence between them is deafening and Kyungsoo waits patiently. His father loves him the most so he will definitely get help from him.

His father sighs. “Good luck, son.” Then he goes back into his room and closes the door.

Kyungsoo stares at the door, mouth gaping and throat drying. His little fists curl on his sides and he grits his teeth before screaming, “Dad, you can’t be serious!”

Rumors and gossips spread fast around here and Kyungsoo doesn’t even wonder who the culprit is. It’s no other than his loud and noisy brother.

“So, baby bro.” Baekhyun comes, slipping to sit beside him while throwing an arm around the fuming and pouting Kyungsoo.

When Kyungsoo doesn’t answer, Baekhyun continues cheerfully. “I heard that you found your mate at last? Finally?”

At the lack of response coming from the youngest omega, the second omega laughs loudly, head thrown back. Kyungsoo grunts under his breath, pouting yet his mind starts calculating how big the pressure he should apply on his hands around Baekhyun’s throat if he is going to kill him.

“Soo, oh my, baby Soo!” Baekhyun wheezes in between his laughter, ruffling the youngest omega’s soft locks. Kyungsoo whines, pushing his hand away.

“I’ve never thought that your destiny will turn out this way! A human, huh?”

“Shut the fuck up.” Kyungsoo mutters, tiny little fists curled. Baekhyun clasps his hands on both of his shoulder, manhandling him for them to be face to face. Kyungsoo glares straight at his brother.

“Do you want to know how to get close to a human?” Baekhyun asks, an eyebrow furrowed teasingly. He could very well be tricking him but Kyungsoo is desperate as fuck so he ends up nodding his head. He can see the wide smile blooming on his older brother’s face and he questions himself on what he has signed himself up into.

“To get close to a human, you should be a human.”

Become a human. Kyungsoo finds himself standing in between the shelves of the book store again on the next day, courtesy of Baekhyun’s direction. The older guy is currently hiding in some other shelves, picking up a book and pretending to be reading.

As Baekhyun had said before, he should act like a human, meet like a human, and fall in love like a human. His alpha might not realized that he is a wolf, moreover his mate, so Kyungsoo needs to get to his level and stand on the same line as him. Baekhyun’s words, not his.

There are some stories about wolves blending in and living with humans, reproducing pups in a mixed with human genes and creating some hybrids. Kyungsoo has never met a wolf living with a human before so this is the first. His alpha is the first. He wonders what happened with his alpha and his pack that they have to live in between the humans like this.

It also seems like the alpha doesn’t know that he is a wolf. It’s clear as the day that his pack or his human family didn’t tell him anything when he could start to understand everything. It makes everything so difficult though. How should Kyungsoo come up to him and explain everything? He doesn’t want to do the difficult job!

“Uh,” someone sounds, bumping onto his shoulder and resulting in the comic book Kyungsoo has in his hand to drop down.

Kyungsoo is daydreaming (or actually whining) internally for quite a long time that he doesn’t realize that he is blocking the way. But it seems like the human also doesn’t realize that he is standing there—

“Here. I’m sorry about that.” The human—fuck, it’s his alpha!

Kyungsoo is on the edge of panicking and he can see Baekhyun’s sharp eyes somewhere on the back of his head, as if telling him to do something normal.

“U-Um, I- I did it again.” Kyungsoo mutters, brain racking up for any idea. His alpha looks up, blinking his deep brown eyes beautifully, oh Kyungsoo could just drown in them forever.

“Excuse me?” The alpha asks, confused for his sudden words, of course.

Kyungsoo fakes a laugh. “I- I bumped onto you too, uh, on the other- other day.” He stutters. Fuck, the almighty Kyungsoo never stutters! You better be good, alpha!

The alpha blinks, before a small smile curls on his plump lips that Kyungsoo is dying to kiss.

“Oh, I remember that! You are hunting for comic books again?” He asks, chuckling softly that it makes Kyungsoo internally swoons over how sweet his voice sounds.

“Y- Yeah! My brother is always so noisy in his room so, um, I need comics to distract myself while blocking the sounds he is making!” Smooth, Kyungsoo, so smooth! Keep the conversation going! He chants in his head. Ignore Baekhyun’s glare.

“That sounds bad. But I hope you will find good comics to spend your time with.” The alpha says, his tone concluding the end of the conversation and Kyungsoo’s eyes doubled in size.

“I- I’m Kyungsoo!!” He blurts out, creating an awkward silence between them. Who the hell blurting their name like that?

The alpha looks taken aback. “Um, hello. My name is Jongin.”

Damn. Even his name sounds so fucking hot.

“D-Do you,” Kyungsoo starts and then pausing, stopping the alpha from walking by holding a hand over the alpha’s elbow. The moment they touch, electricity runs through their body. Kyungsoo gets it so bad and he starts to feel so hot in his body. It seems like the alpha doesn’t realize it but he feels it too, judging by the way he is frowning at nothing in particular.

“Do you, uh, want to hang out sometimes?” Kyungsoo whispers, pulling out the words he remembers watching in some drama or reading in some comics.

The alpha blinks at the sudden request and his eyes glance down to the hold Kyungsoo has around his arm. His eyes stay there for a few seconds before they direct up again to give Kyungsoo a stare that makes the omega weak on his knees.

“Um, sure, I think?”

“Great! Thanks… Jongin! I just… need a friend. I don’t have that many, um, friends.” He makes up a story, hoping that the alpha would buy it.

It seems to be working because the alpha’s gaze softens and there’s some kind of pity in his stare.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Of course, I can be your friend, as long as you are not a serial murdered, of course.” The alpha says, joking slightly to ease the mood. Kyungsoo forces himself to laugh at the joke.

“But actually, I have to go now. I will see you here sometime, I guess?” The alpha asks, blinking up with innocent eyes. Kyungsoo wants to coo at how adorable his alpha is.

“Yes!! I- I mean, yes, of course, that would be nice. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

Fuck, Kyungsoo, you are acting so weirdly!

The alpha smiles at him, waving bye before going out of the book store. Kyungsoo holds a hand over his chest, sighing fondly while staring at the back of his alpha. Such a nice and well mannered alpha! Kyungsoo can’t help but to imagine how nice their pups would be. The pups would inherit his cuteness and his alpha’s good manner.

“So, you score yourself a date, huh?” Baekhyun whispers teasingly.

Kyungsoo ignores him, still staring at the alpha until the human turns on the side road and disappears from his line of sight.


A/N: Wahahaha! Desperate Kyungsoo is life! And I'm back (since the last update in February)! Thank you so much for reading! I hope I can deliver the crack well~ (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡॰ॱ

Anyway, I'm back in the business and still am writing for fic fests! (And I also am doing tweet fics in twitter hehe) (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Leave me some comments! Do you miss me? Heheh (♥→o←♥)

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