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Title: Absolute

Pairing: Chanbaek, Kaisoo

Genre: WolfAU, SoulmateAU, Romance, Angst, Smut, Fluff

Length: Series

Summary: Baekhyun waits, but Chanyeol backs away from him. Kyungsoo runs, yet Jongin comes after him.

Poster by: ate nylevoj

Chapter 6

Warning: Sexual content in the SECOND part. You have been warned.

Jongin grins excitedly while getting out of his car, almost forgetting to lock the vehicle due to his head being so full of the sight of his omega’s smirking face spinning in his head. It’s been exactly a day since that last moment he had sat down with his omega while talking about what they could become. Kyungsoo didn’t give him a clear go signal but with him shrugging nonchalantly and saying he didn’t care about what Jongin is going to do is enough answer for himself.

Once he gets into his office building, he gets strange looks from people around because apparently he has been smiling to living and not living things for the whole time. He slams the door to his office open, taking a fresh breathe of the room sprayer.

“Good morning!” He finds himself saying to the three colleagues in the room.

Sooyoung and Yongseon stare at him before they look at each other like trying to communicate through their eyes. Joonmyeon blinks his eyes at him.

“What is wrong with you?” The supervisor of the team asks, his eyebrows furrowed questioningly.

Jongin grins. “Nothing at all!”

“You are weird, Mr. Leader.” Yongseon teases, lifting a perfectly trimmed eyebrow skeptically.

Jongin purses his lips. “You guys are so mean? Can’t I be happy?”

Three people glance at each other before they shrug. “Okay, fine. But you are still weird.” Joonmyeon says, smirking. Jongin pouts. “You are so mean!”

Laughter fills the whole office room while Jongin stomps childishly to his desk. He can’t believe that his team is ganging up against him! Can’t he be happy?

“Seriously, Jongin,” Joonmyeon comes up to his desk when the two girls move to do their work, “what’s up with you? It seems like you are radiating rainbows.”

“Is it obvious?” Jongin asks, palming his cheeks shyly like a high school girl. Joonmyeon rolls his eyes at his act. “Yes. If with you smiling at the air conditioner is not a sign of your obvious happiness, then I don’t know anymore.”

Jongin’s lips curl up into a wide smile. “Hyung, I’m so happy! No, scratch that! I’m ecstatic!”

“And why is that?”

The images of Kyungsoo smirking and walking away from him come to Jongin’s head, making him smiling happily. Joonmyeon winces at the wide smile he is forming, afraid that his dry lips would be torn but whatever. He waits patiently until Jongin is back from fan boy-ing.

“Earth to Jongin. I’m waiting.” The supervisor taps his fingers against his cubicle, completely looking impatient. Jongin shoots him a small smile.

“I met with my omega and we talked yesterday.”

Joonmyeon gives him a look of surprised. “You did? What happened? He didn’t cut you to pieces?”

Jongin puffs his cheeks. “You are so cruel to me.”

“Stop avoiding my question and answer me properly.”

“What do you want to know?”

“About what you two talked about and why you are so happy right now.” Joonmyeon crosses his arms in front of his chest.

Jongin licks his dry lip. “We talked and he said some things about alphas, which I think might be coming from bad experiences. He said alphas are sick. I tried to explain myself with words that I chose carefully so not to offend him even more.”

“Hm. So what did he say?”

“I told him to give me a chance to prove myself. I don’t know how he came up to the thought of alphas that way but if all I need to do is to show myself that I’m the opposite to what he always thinks how alphas are, then I would gladly do it.”

Joonmyeon smiles then he reaches to pat Jongin on his shoulder. “Good for you. You did a very good job. Did he give in to you or did you force him?” He jokes.

“Hyung! I’m not that kind of person! I was practically begging to him, and he didn’t clearly say yes to me about proving myself but he did say that I can do anything I want.”

“Okay, operation winning your omega’s heart starts now!” Joonmyeon makes a gun with his fingers, shooting at Jongin teasingly.

Jongin grins, nodding excitedly. “I’m going to visit his work place everyday!”

Joonmyeon smiles. “Sure, you are. But don’t even think to slack off because you have tons of papers to read and to decide. You work on them while I will go to that meeting.” The supervisor waves at him, even winking teasingly and Jongin is left whining at the stack of papers he needs to do.

“Joonmyeon hyung!” He whines.

The only answer he gets is a laugh from the other side of the room.

When Jongin finally gets his lunch break, he drives to the restaurant with a wide grin on his lips. He can’t wait to show up and see Kyungsoo again. The place is kind of packed by the time he arrives, as it’s around lunch time and many people are having their meal there.

Jongin pushes the door open and he is greeted with the bright smile from the girl standing behind the counter.

“Welcome to Sweet Delicacy! What would you like to order, Sir?” The girl asks when Jongin makes his way to stop in front of the cashier. He gulps then looks around.

“I will have, umm, what do you suggest?”

“I would like to suggest a set two where we have a complete set of kimchi fried rice with seaweed soup and chamomile tea. It’s perfect for those who are in hurry to go back to their work.”

“I will take that.” Jongin nods, grabbing his wallet to pay. The girl rings the price for him and Jongin hands her the cash. He doesn’t even move from his way right after the girl tells him that his order will be delivered to his table. She blinks questioningly.

“Can I help you with something else, Sir?”

“Uh,” Jongin gulps, “where is… Kyungsoo?”

The girl looks at him. “Oh, you know our head chef, Sir? He is currently in the kitchen. Would you like me to tell him that you are looking for him?”

Jongin shakes his head. “No, no, it’s fine. He must be… busy.” He mutters lowly, deflating at the thought of not being able to meet the omega. The girl nods and Jongin moves away from the cashier counter, moving towards his table.

Will he meet his omega today? Will Kyungsoo come out of the kitchen for once? He wants to show his face to him to tell him that he is serious!

With a small pout, Jongin grumbles on his seat. He watches other customers eating and chatting, ordering and walking out of the place. The place is so packed up with customers and that makes Jongin feels oddly happy. It seems like people really like the food the place is offering and he feels somehow proud of his omega for being the head chef. It means he is the one in charge in the food and to see so many people coming in and out makes Jongin grins in delight.

The door from the kitchen is opened and Jongin’s head snaps up in alert, yet he deflates back when it’s not his omega, but another girl holding onto a tray of food. The girl walks closer to where he is sitting and she puts the tray of his order.

“Your order, Sir. I hope you enjoy your meal.” She smiles before walking away.

Jongin picks up the chopsticks and starts eating, because he loves eating and to think that this might be cooked by his omega makes his heart flutters in happiness. The first scoop of kimchi fried rice is refreshing, the taste of kimchi is exploding inside his mouth, and the mixed of sauce and all is perfect. The first sip of the seaweed soup brings him back to home and it tastes just like what his mother used to cook whenever he is back at home.

He keeps eating, unable to stop once he starts and he really has to admit that his omega is a very good cook (although there is a small possibility that this might not be made by Kyungsoo but let him has his happy time, just let him). Some sips from the chamomile tea make his throat relaxes again before he continues eating like a starved man.

He doesn’t realize his surroundings (because he is quite blind whenever he is met with food, said his mother) and when he lifts his head up when the kitchen door is opened, he chokes onto the rice in his mouth when his eyes meet with his omega’s.

“Oh, oppa! There is this customer asking about you earlier.” The cashier girl says, while pointing to where Jongin is sitting. He panics and gulps some tea, before readying himself to grin awkwardly when Kyungsoo’s eyes dart to him.

Kyungsoo looks at him with his wide eyes, there is a trail of sweat on his temple that Jongin really wants to wipe away, and he stares at Jongin as if he can burn holes. Jongin gulps, holding a palm up to wave at him. Kyungsoo doesn’t acknowledge him but he also doesn’t ignore him either.

When he spins around, Jongin’s hand drops back to his lap and the smile falls off of his face. Kyungsoo is back to ignoring him, huh?

The head chef talks about some things to the cashier girl, before walking towards the other door which leads into the office. Jongin pouts and continues eating like a sad puppy, completely unaware that the head chef throws him some glances whenever he is not looking.

Jongin finishes his lunch and he walks back towards the cashier. “Excuse me?”

“Yes, Sir? Is there anything I can help you with?” The girl asks him.

He fidgets. “Please tell Kyungsoo that I say hi and I will be back soon.” When the girl nods at him, he walks out of the place and heads straight to his car.

So much to want to prove himself. It’s not going to be easy so Jongin needs to hang on.

The second day he visits, he is met with Kyungsoo standing by the cashier counter while discussing about some things with the cashier girl. The chef’s eyes fleet up to him when he comes by the cashier to order, wearing the biggest smile ever on his face, yet all Kyungsoo does is to nod his head at him. Well, at least he now acknowledges him.

The third time he comes to the restaurant, the cashier girl recognizes him almost immediately. Jongin steals a glance to the name tag she is wearing and finds out that her name is Seulgi. With an order for his lunch and another order for cake take out, Jongin sits by his table to wait. Seulgi comes bringing the tray of his lunch, with the addition of some kind of nice smelling soup.

She says, “It’s a bonus from the head chef. Enjoy, Sir!” In which Jongin drinks the soup until the last drop.

The fourth day goes relatively the same as before. The only difference is that there is someone else (who Jongin recognizes as another employee) who is staring at him while giggling with the cashier girl Seulgi. Jongin almost chokes onto his tea, hitting his chest to let the piece of cake down. It’s kind of creepy to be stared at while he is eating, but when Kyungsoo walks out of the kitchen, the male slaps the omega on his arm while giggling and pointing at Jongin with a knowing smile. Kyungsoo rolls his eyes.

He only hears, “So much to have a whipped alpha for yourself, Kyungsoo.” In which Kyungsoo replies with, “Shut up, Jongdae.”

On the fifth day, it’s Saturday and it’s supposed to be his free day, but work just has to suck and he is needed in the office for an urgent matter. He can’t even have his lunch on time and by the time he has something to fill his stomach with, it’s a quick take out that Sooyoung has bought from the cafeteria down there.

He wonders what Kyungsoo is thinking right now. He promised to show up everyday to woo the omega but now he skips a day and he can imagine how Kyungsoo’s angered face is already. It’s going so nice for a few days but now he ruins it all. Everything is because of his damn work!

Jongin huffs and quickly throws the empty food container before he runs back into his office to finish his work. The faster he finishes it, the faster he can rest. And maybe… the faster he can see Kyungsoo again without having to wait for the next day.

It’s almost seven at night when Jongin finally bids goodbye to Joonmyeon, Yongseon, and Sooyoung. All of them are dead tired and the dark circles under their eyes can be seen. He needs sleep so badly and his stomach is growling, begging to differ, but Jongin doesn’t care about how hungry he is. He glances at the time on his phone, chewing down on his lip in hesitation.

Well, why won’t he try? He has nothing to lose.

With his heart thundering in his ribcage, Jongin drives towards the familiar restaurant. The street is dark and he is sleepy and tired, but there is a small hope of seeing Kyungsoo this night before he will go to sleep that is blooming in his heart that keeps him going.

The restaurant is closed but the small part of the café is still open. It seems like the employees are still cleaning the place and betting on his luck, Jongin goes to park his car by the parking lot before he jogs to the front door.

Once he pushes the glass door open, the bell above his head rings and the girl currently moping the floor glances at him.

“Sorry, but we are closed, Sir.” She says. Jongin gulps, stuffing his hands into his jeans’ pockets.

“Um, is Kyungsoo still here?” He asks hoarsely. He doesn’t remember when the last time he drank any water was.

The girl blinks, nodding her head before she pads towards the kitchen. Jongin hasn’t seen her before so he concludes that maybe she is working in the kitchen with Kyungsoo.

No longer than five seconds, Kyungsoo is out of the kitchen, looking surprised and weirdly… Jongin can see some kind of relief flashing in the omega’s eyes. Or maybe he is just imagining things.

“What are you doing here so late?” Kyungsoo asks, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Jongin scratches the back of his head. “I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you during lunch time. Today was supposed to be a work-free day but I was needed in the office for an urgent matter and I had just finished my work earlier. I’m sorry about that. I drove here in hope to see you and I think I’m quite lucky because you are not home yet?” He meekly blabbers.

Kyungsoo blinks his round eyes at him. Jongin waits silently, ignoring the curious look from the previous girl who is back to mop the floor.

The omega sighs, his tensed shoulders sagging down. Jongin holds his breathe.

“You shouldn’t even come here. It’s late. You should have just gone back home instead and take some rest.” The omega says softly. Jongin feels a small smile blooms on his lips.

“But I want to see you. I have missed you for the whole day.”

The moping girl shrieks before the cashier girl Seulgi grabs her and drags her into the kitchen. Kyungsoo is ignoring the obvious eavesdropping action as he keeps his eyes locked onto Jongin’s. It’s quite creepy and scary but for Jongin, this is the time for him to prove himself so he goes keeping their gaze together.

Kyungsoo then sighs and looks away, as if he loses to the staring contest (which makes Jongin strangely happy because it feels like he has a certain effect on the omega).

“You saw me now. Go home.”

“I want to wait for you.”

The omega glares at him. “You want a lot of things, don’t you think so?”

Jongin only grins cutely (or so he hopes). Kyungsoo rolls his eyes at him before he mutters, “Suit yourself,” then he goes back into the kitchen.

He chooses to stand outside to let the moping girl continues her job without him disturbing her. Jongin yawns loudly as the night wind blows harshly against his face. He looks up and surprisingly finds the supposedly dark sky of night is so light, having such rain clouds hanging and will be breaking anytime soon.

The two girls soon finish their job and they run out of the door, wearing thick jacket and having backpack. They bow at Jongin before they scurry away to the nearest bus stop in hope to catch the last vehicle.

Kyungsoo is the last to leave as he checks the cashier and everything again before he clicks the lamps and the place goes dark at once. He walks out, ignoring a grinning Jongin, and goes to lock every door.

“Are you done?” Jongin asks.


Jongin winces at the short retort. He fidgets.

“Let me take you home.” He offers softly. Kyungsoo glances at him with a death glare and Jongin takes a step back.

“I didn’t mean anything! I just want to drive you home and keep you safe! It’s night time and uh,”

“No need. I can walk back by myself.” Kyungsoo says, stepping away from him.

Right before he could step out from under the roof, the rain falls so suddenly and so loudly, hitting the side road. Jongin offers an awkward smile to the shocked omega.

“Um, can I give you a ride for now?” He asks again, screaming this time because his voice is drowned by the loud sounds of rain.

Kyungsoo glares at him for a good minute before he sighs in surrender. Jongin can just do the singing in the rain musical with the amount of happiness he is feeling right now.

Seated in the passenger seat of his car is Kyungsoo who has a scowl on his face, arms folded together in front of his chest. Jongin grins awkwardly, turning the heater on full blast.

“So, um, where do you live, by the way?” He starts. The omega glances at him with sharp gaze.

“Turn left then turn right after two crossroads.”

Jongin gives a stiff nod, watching the empty road cautiously. He is kind of nervous with the appearance of the omega in his car but who is he to waste a chance?

“So, um, do you always work until late night like this?”

“Don’t talk to me.” Kyungsoo says, in which Jongin deflates in disappointment and pouts silently.

It takes a few seconds before the omega hesitantly answers, “Yes, but not everyday.”

The answer makes Jongin’s mood goes up again and he hums in response. It’s at time like this that he loves having a certain effect on someone else with his pout because as his father had said that one time, ignoring his pouty face is like ignoring a sad puppy, in which you can’t.

The rest of the drive is spent with them listening to the rain hitting the car. Jongin doesn’t think he will be lucky to even get an answer again so he plays some old songs from the radio to fill the silence.

Once they arrive at the omega’s place, Jongin looks around and is relieved to notice that the area is safe for an unmated omega. Kyungsoo lifts his messenger back on top of his head, ready to sprint off, but not before he says, “Thanks for the ride.”

Jongin grins. “It’s nothing. Good night, Kyungsoo.”

The omega nods stiffly before opening the car door and running out into the building. Jongin watches until he is sure Kyungsoo is safe and sound before he drives away from the place.

Call him crazy but Jongin is betting on his luck again. Early in the morning, he arrives in front of Kyungsoo’s building and stands leaning against the hood of his car. It’s more like a sudden impulse of idea though. He woke up from his sleep and remembered the omega and suddenly had this urge to see him before he should go for work.

The look on the omega’s face is priceless when he finds Jongin standing there like a model out of a fashion magazine.

“What are you doing here?”

Jongin grins, wringing his hands around. “Good morning, Kyungsoo! Can I drive you to your work place?”

Kyungsoo narrows his eyes on him. “I don’t need this shit in such an early morning.” Then he walks away along the side road. Jongin panics and goes to follow after him before he realizes that he is leaving his car and goes back to the vehicle.

He trails after the omega with his car, driving it very slowly.

“Please, Kyungsoo?” He pleads while leaning on the rolled down window. The omega ignores him, walking as if nothing disturbs him at all. Jongin pouts again.

“Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, please, please, please, please, plea-”

The omega stops abruptly and that causes Jongin to stop as well. He sees Kyungsoo taking a deep breath before glaring at him.

“I’m doing this just to make you shut up. Your voice hurts my ears.” Kyungsoo mutters, huffing before he goes to the passenger seat.

Jongin makes an excessive gesture of ‘yes’ before grinning at the omega who is ignoring him.

“Hurry up or I will get down!” Kyungsoo scowls at him and Jongin is awakened by his staring. He scrambles to drive his car with a wide smile gracing his face for the whole time.

When they arrive at the restaurant, Jongin glances at the omega with wide smile. Kyungsoo nods at him, “Thanks again.”

Right before he could get out, Jongin clasps his hand around his wrist, stopping him gently. He can feel the jolt coming from the omega and Kyungsoo is staring back at him in surprise.

“I will come by the lunch time.” He says softly.

Kyungsoo scoffs, rolling his eyes. “And I remember saying do whatever you want to do.” He gently tucks his wrist out of the grip and Jongin lets him.

“Have a nice day, Kyungsoo!” Jongin calls, sticking his head out of the window while waving to the omega.

Kyungsoo goes straight to the locker room, ignoring Jongdae’s greeting of good morning. He slams the door shut and leans against his locker.

A tiny smile curls up on his lips as he tries to ignore the slightly warm temperature on his cheeks.


Baekhyun writhes on his bed, feeling his stomach and inner organs are twisted painfully. He grasps onto the duvet, whining to no one as another wave of heat hits him. There are sweats running down his face, plastering his hair damp against his head, and stuck in between his eyebrows.

It’s been a full two days since his heat arrived and he doesn’t see it being done anytime soon. This is the first time ever, since he had started his mate when he was coming of age, that he gets it so full and bad even from the very first day. It only gets worse the more he touches himself so he settles to ignore the urge, but whenever he ignores it, he just wants to go out of his apartment to seek for a certain someone with a certain scent that will drive him calm.

Speaking about a certain someone, Baekhyun has heard about it from Yixing who does a daily phone call with him. Yixing told him that Mr. Park looks fidgety during the meetings and also looks confused and disoriented. It seems like something is bothering Mr. Park’s mind that he can’t concentrate during the meeting. Could it be that Baekhyun’s heat period is affecting him too? Should he feel happy about the speculation?

A loud whine escapes out from his chapped lips. Baekhyun comes untouched onto his bed, gasping for air and feeling so exhausted. It’s been days since the last time he stands under the direct sunlight and he seriously misses the public bus and the bakery and the sudden rain and the bumping against strangers in the busy street. He just wants to be out of his apartment and continues working but his heat is taking so long that he doesn’t know what to do.

“Baekhyun? Are you okay? Do you need any doctor?” Yixing’s voice resonates from the other line when he does the daily check up. Baekhyun hums as a response, feeling too weak to even talk out loud.

“I’m fine. Just tired. And hungry.” He murmurs softly.

“When was the last time you eat?” The alpha asks in concern and Baekhyun can almost imagine the frown on his forehead.

“Um, this morning. Don’t worry. How was work?” Baekhyun tries to change the topic (because Yixing can be very nagging whenever it’s about food, a habit that he picks up from his omega mate) and he huddles closer to the phone. While being conscious, he needs to communicate with someone from the outside to keep himself sane or he might be going crazy from being cooped up in his apartment for the whole time.

“Work was fine. Nothing too different. Wait, it is different. My work load is added.” The alpha jokes.

“Hyung!” Baekhyun huffs in disbelief, although the faint smile is visible on his face.

Yixing laughs into the phone. “I’m kidding, silly! You should finish your heat soon, you know. We are getting a new set of novels soon and I will be crazy without the employee of the year.”

Baekhyun hums; ignoring the teasing over the title of ‘employee of the year’ he had gotten for two years straight. “I will try to get better soon. Actually, no, I could only wait until it’s over so I can do nothing to stop it.”

Yixing sighs in understanding. “Alright. Eat something, okay? We will be waiting for you to be back.”

“Hmm, bye, hyung.” Baekhyun mutters before he hangs up the call and curls on his bed. He is not sure when his heat is going to be done. This is the first time that it’s so painful like this. Is it because of Mr. Park? Is it because he has the alpha so close yet so far?

Speaking about Mr. Park again, Baekhyun wonders what is going on in the man’s head. Baekhyun always finds his door being knocked a few times then he will find healthy food placed on top of his mat. There is no trace of someone but from the scent lingering around his door, Baekhyun is sure it’s Mr. Park. Or maybe it’s his inner desire speaking because Baekhyun feels worse on each day and he just wants the alpha to be here with him.

When his heat strikes for the fourth day, Baekhyun can no longer think. He doesn’t even remember his own name. His body feels like burning and his hole throbs, longing for something. His fingers can’t even stop trembling and his heart beats haven’t slowed down even for a moment. His whole bed is ruined from his slicked self lubricating and the bed sheets are out of the bed messily from all the pulling he does.

Baekhyun feels his ears ring and buzz. He can’t open his eyes. It feels like there is something so hot crawling from the inside of his stomach, scratching onto his entire skin, and burning like lava. His cock is red and twitching and no amount of self pleasure will be able to satisfy him. His t-shirt is nowhere to be found while his sweatpants are bunched up on the floor, and his underwear is hanging around his left ankle.

“Mmh,” he writhes weakly with his face down against the bed, gasping for air and for release. Damn it. He wants that thing! He just wants that thing which he doesn’t even know what it is. He just wants it so much.

His head is fuzzy, he really can’t think about anything! He doesn’t even remember whether has he switched the television off or has he turned the water tap or has he locked the door. He can’t concentrate in nothing.

He doesn’t even hear the loud slam of his front door open.

Baekhyun cries out for help over the wave of heat, suddenly smelling something so good and sensing something so tensed. A dip on the bed in between his legs has Baekhyun glances back through his shoulder.

His head is fuzzy, so do his eyes as they see Mr. Park grabbing onto his damp locks to pull him up, head thrown back and neck open in submission. Baekhyun whimpers when long fingers trail along his sweaty stomach and up to his chest before circling around his throat.

“You didn’t lock the door.” The dominant says through gritted teeth. Baekhyun doesn’t understand what he is saying? What is lock? What is door? What is it that he didn’t do?

Warm lips trail along the side of his neck and Baekhyun cries out, his hands fly up to grip onto the man’s arm holding him up. A hard cock ruts against his damp ass and Baekhyun’s moans are swallowed by a pair of lips that covers his in a harsh and bruising kiss.

“Mmhh,” Baekhyun whines into the man’s mouth while tilting his head more, parting his lips for him to trace over his territory possessively. It takes no time for Baekhyun to feel possessive hands run up and down his sweaty body.

“M-Mr. Park...” Baekhyun whispers the only name he can remember before he is pushed back down onto the bed, face down and hips up. The man kneels in between his legs, licking a hot stripe up from his thigh to his leaking hole. Baekhyun keens forward, moaning out when two fingers push past his rim. Those fingers jab and twist his insides, giving him a very amazing sensation.

Baekhyun grips onto the ruined bed sheet while moving his hips onto the fingers, fucking himself. The man growls in dominance at his impatience and Baekhyun’s pace falters, whimpering in submission. A broken cry is ripped out of his mouth when the man licks against his wet hole with his tongue.

“Please!” Baekhyun begs, he really begs while jutting his ass out. The man lands a slap over his ass cheek and that should feel hurt but it only makes him curls in pleasure.

Huge palms hold onto his ass cheeks and spread them apart, before the man delves into the heat and drinks his self lubricant like water in the oasis. Baekhyun cries and cries, begging for more and for it to stop at the same time. He doesn’t understand what he truly wants. He just wants to submit to the man.

The man’s blunt teeth scrap against his rim, nipping on it before sucking on it with his lips. Baekhyun comes onto the bed, cock spurting dirty liquid while he is heaving for air. The man continues to eat him out, even as far as digging his tongue inside and squishing his own nose into Baekhyun’s ass crack for a closer and deeper touch.

The room is filled with the sounds of harsh breathing as Baekhyun’s head is cleared a bit. He slowly understands what is going on, who it is currently eating his ass out, whose hands are holding onto his body so tightly. There is just one name flashing in his head and Baekhyun feels his heart is picking up its pace. He wants to utter a question but the next wave of heat which is way worse than before hits him before he could even speak a word. He loses his conscience and can only beg for more.

The man leans away, face stern and lips swollen and wet. Baekhyun cries into his fists, holding himself up with his elbows. The man runs his hands along his bare back, teasing him and waking up the hairs on his whole body. There are fingers reaching to his cheek and Baekhyun instinctively turns his head. The man pushes his fingers into his mouth and as a submissive, Baekhyun sucks on them wantonly and even eagerly.

The man’s harsh breathing becomes even rougher by the seconds pass as he watches Baekhyun nipping on his fingers like a hungry person and licking them wet, before he withdraws his fingers from those sinful lips. He undresses his own messy clothes, dragging his boxers down to reveal a stiff cock, standing so high and so huge and leaking and in the color of angry red.

Baekhyun smells the scent of knot and he moans submissively, jutting his ass out to be abused willingly. The man holds onto the side of his hip, squeezing the flesh deliciously while Baekhyun cries when there is a teasing rub of the man’s cock against his flooding entrance. The fat head slips into his rim, very teasingly before drawing back out almost immediately.

“...please...” He begs out. He wants it to be put into him, filling him well, and giving him pups.

The man’s low voice mutters, “Beg for it.” He pushes a bit, stilling while it’s only the tip in him.

“Please, p-please! Alpha, please give me- ooohhh!!!”

Baekhyun arches his back when a huge and fat cock pushes past his rim, ripping his inner walls, and tickling his every sense. The thrust in is smooth and gliding so nicely from the amount of self lubricant. The cock is pulsing inside of him, settling deep and throbbing.

He whimpers in delight, feeling so full but not yet pleasured. He bucks his hips out, yet he has a hand pulling onto his damp locks.

“Be patient.” The alpha growls into his ear and Baekhyun nods his head.

The dominant man holds onto his hips, back straightening up and knees holding himself up. Baekhyun is sent forward from the thrusts, his elbows rubbing against the bed sheets repeatedly. A loud and thundering groan comes from the alpha, who tightens the grip on his hips that is bound to bruise in no time.

Huge cock is sliding in and out, heavy balls are slapping his own on each push, and strong thighs are hitting his own to create the loud sounds of skin slapping which are echoing in the whole room.

Baekhyun chokes on his breathe when the pace is picked up by the alpha. It is no longer teasing but it’s on the verge of ruining him, breaking him completely until he surrenders. Each thrust delivered into him is making Baekhyun forgets about what his name is, where he is, what is happening. He is dragged back on each pull and being surged forward on each push. His elbows slip and he has to hold onto the wall by his bed as he starts to be driven closer to it.

The alpha seems to be aroused and very angry. He seems to appear very possessive and showing him that he should never disobey him again. Baekhyun nods his head repeatedly to the unspoken orders, tears spilling down from his eyes as he is driven closer to the pure pleasure that he has been seeking for the past days. The only one who can give him this kind of pleasure is his alpha.

“Alpha! Alpha!!” He screams out, being driven against the wall and being pressed flat on it by the thrusting alpha. His hands are trapped in between his own body and the wall. The alpha is groaning into his ear, growling dangerously, and breathing down along his neck.

Baekhyun throws his head back, feeling his rim is gaping for more, for a bigger thing. His body is ready for more and when the alpha’s knot grows wide inside of him, he takes a deep breath of disbelief. It’s so good, it feels so amazing.

The alpha holds onto his hips tightly, pressing his cock as deep as he could. His pace is faltering while he lets his knot grows to the biggest extent inside the omega.

Baekhyun gasps for breath, his knees trembling and he can’t even hold himself up. He would be sinking down already if not for the alpha trapping him against the wall.

The knot throbs inside of him, locking them together. Baekhyun pants heavily for air, his chest heaving and bumping against the wall whenever he breathes in. The alpha nuzzles into his neck, mouthing the sweaty skin with his lips.

In the highest peak of pleasure, Baekhyun cries out when his cock bursts out the release. His ears ring and his eyes go blind for a moment. In despite his fuzzy brain, he can only utter the name of, “Chanyeol,” in a soft whimper before he loses his consciousness.

The alpha growls, exploding and cumming inside of him. The amount of semen is flooding inside of the omega, unable to seep out due to the large knot blocking the entrance.

In between the harsh breathing and loud heartbeats, Chanyeol blinks the haze away from his eyes and he suddenly questions himself where he is and what is he doing here. He doesn’t know why his whole body is aching, why his head is pounding, and why his chest is so heavy as if something is pressing against it from the inside.

In the dimness of room, he notices ruined dress shirt and abandoned trousers. He notices his own jacket and he notices this sweet smell coming from the figure settled against his ribs.

It takes him quite a moment to remember what had happened earlier and as he looks down, he finds the omega is sleeping in exhaustion, curling back against his chest. His knot is still half locked inside the omega, making him unable to pull out.

A loud sigh escapes from his mouth. This is not supposed to happen. He doesn’t even remember what had happened before he ended up in this bed.

He is not supposed to be doing this. He is not supposed to care.

Chanyeol brings his hand down, touching their joined place and tenderly massaging the omega’s rim to let his knot out. The omega shifts, sighing softly in his sleep and that surprises him to even stop his hand. When he notices that the omega is still deeply in his sleep, Chanyeol carefully pulls out and stands up from the bed, only to topple down because of his weak knees.

He gathers his clothes to wear them in a hurry, his eyes still locked onto the omega’s sleeping figure. The omega’s face is so calm and steady.

Chanyeol holds onto his jacket, hanging it on his arm while he crouches on his knees to stare at the omega’s face. He trails his thumb along the omega’s frown to smooth it away.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers out, before he stands up and covers the sleeping omega with the soiled duvet.

He throws the last glance onto the sleeping omega before he slowly makes his way out of the room and closes the door gently behind his back.

At least they haven’t mated out of instinct and he hadn’t found any mating mark on the omega’s body. At least his unconsciousness is still holding him back from claiming the omega.

But weirdly, he feels so guilty for leaving him alone like that. He feels like a jerk. A real jerk.

Baekhyun is awake when his automatic alarm goes off on the other side of his bedroom. He feels strangely satisfied and it leaves him wondering what had happened.

The sudden images come back into his head and he wakes up in a jolt. He looks around his room, not noticing anything different from the time he supposedly fell asleep. But strangely the images are so real and he can still smell the scent of an alpha and he still can feel his touches all over his body.

Baekhyun reaches his hand down and traces his fingers along his puffed rim. There is a trace of cum on his ass and a sob escapes from his mouth even before he can hold it back.

The alpha was real and he was here last night. He was here taking care of him but he had left him without saying anything.

It feels so bad and Baekhyun curls into a ball, hugging his knees to his chest. It feels so bad that his chest hurts so much; it feels like it is being pounded from the inside, to the point that he just wants to scream as it feels like the pain is trying to break him.

To make it worse, he can’t even glance away from the tie the alpha had forgotten and left behind, lying on the floor of his bedroom. It just makes everything realer and Baekhyun can no longer deny that his alpha had left him alone without any explanation. Does what they did last nigth really not mean anything to the alpha?

He barely hears it but it feels like he can hear the alpha’s voice of, “I’m sorry.”

It only makes everything worse.


A/N: The first update after three months! Hate me yet? ;)

And as most of you have already known, I'm currently on hiatus to work on my graduation thesis so I'm very busy and stressed. My hiatus is not over yet! I just take a short break from thesis to update this.

Other than that, I've been joining many of the fic fests; as you all can see if you follow my twitter. If you want to chat around, I'm always online in twitter (because I can rant there)~ I'm not sure when I will update again. Please be patient while I'm finishing my thesis to graduate from university, I have life too y'know~ ;)

Comments will be very much appreciated and will make me very happy! Thanks for reading!

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