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Title: Daddy's Romance

Pairing: Jongkey

Genre: SingleFatherAU, Romance, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Length: Series

Summary: Working in a daycare is such a bless for Kibum—taking care of kids—but then what makes it better is the fact that he finds his love there. Moreover, the father of his favorite child.



Chapter 6

It’s the promised day off he has for Bomi. Jonghyun wakes up feeling refreshed than ever (because he doesn’t have to do any work) and he takes a bath with a warm shower. It’s Saturday and Bomi has no school and after he decides to let his little angel sleeps for a little more, he goes down to the kitchen to look into the fridge. Hmm, not much left.

Jonghyun yawns as he grabs onto some eggs and bacons. These will do.

As the bacons sizzle in the pan, Jonghyun goes to put the bread in the toaster and brews up coffee for himself. The perfectly cooked bacons are accompanied by sunny side eggs in the plate and he feels kind of proud with himself. It’s going to be a good day.

Now it’s time to wake the sleeping beauty.

Bomi is still curled under her pink blanket when he gets into her room. Jonghyun holds a hand over his chest, sighing in delight. Such a cute girl. How come he has such good genes?

He crawls into her bed and caresses her head.

“Sweetie, it’s time to wake up.”

Bomi stirs, her lips twitch yet she is still not waking up. Jonghyun smiles at her before he grabs her up and the girl cuddles to his warmth.

“Won’t you wake up, Bomi-yah?”

She whimpers while fisting onto his shirt. Jonghyun grits his teeth because damn it, he has such an adorable daughter!

“Daddy,” Bomi calls softly, lifting her head up to stare at him. Jonghyun greets her with a wide smile. “Hmm?”

“What are we going to do today?”

“How about we go shopping today?”

Bomi’s eyes snap open and she grips onto the front of his shirt. “Really, daddy? Really?”

“Yes, baby. Really!” Jonghyun cheers up and Bomi climbs away from his lap to jump around on her bed. The father keeps a protective arm to surround her to prevent her from getting hurt.

“Yay! Yayy!!”

After so much difficulty (because Bomi won’t stop telling him about anything she wants him to buy for her), he bathes her and they eat the cold breakfast he had prepared earlier. Despite it being cold and the bacons are no longer crispy, Bomi keeps telling him that it’s delicious as if she wants to make him feel better. Jonghyun gives her a smooch on her cheek.

They go by the car and Bomi fidgets around on the seat. She sings along to the music from the radio, despite it being off pitched but Jonghyun laughs happily. They start their day with doing grocery shopping.

With Bomi seated excitedly in the shopping cart, Jonghyun pushes it and they stroll around the supermarket. They will need lots of things because the fridge is almost empty, Bomi’s favorite colorful cereal is running out, and Jonghyun needs more of energy drinks.

“Daddy, I want that candy! Oh, the snack! That! That!”

Jonghyun laughs. “Why don’t you get down from here and get everything by yourself?”

Bomi nods and he helps her down from the cart. She runs away to the shelves to get whatever that catches her eyes and Jonghyun follows after her while grabbing onto the important things they need in the kitchen.

After grabbing so many things that they don’t even fit in her arms, Bomi walks back to where her father is standing and comparing in between two bags of rice. She stumbles over her foot and bumps onto someone’s legs, making all the snacks to drop down onto the floor.

“I’m sorry!” Bomi squeaks in apology because daddy said to always say sorry when you make a mistake. She pouts and looks up to the person she bumped onto and she gasps right away.

“Teacher Bummie!” She shrieks in pure happiness, forgetting the snacks on her feet and focusing her gaze onto her favorite teacher, who is now crouching down to scoop all her snacks up.

“Bomi? Such a surprise to see you here!” Kibum exclaims with a wide smile and he opens his arms widely when the girl makes her way to hug him. Bomi lets out a sound resembles a purr when she shoves her face into his chest.

“I miss you.” She mutters softly, making Kibum laughs. “But we just met yesterday?”

“There is no school today so I miss you! I miss you whenever I don’t see you!” Bomi insists, curling her arms around his neck. Kibum scoops her up onto her crouching leg before he collects her fallen snacks one by one.


Kibum lifts his head up when he hears the familiar voice. Oh no—

“Daddy!” The girl shrieks and motions for the teacher to get closer to the single father. Kibum grows shy by the sudden appearance. From all places, should they really meet here?

“T-Teacher Kim.” The single father greets in surprise, smiling awkwardly. Kibum gives him a polite bow, in difficulty with the girl clinging on him. Bomi keeps a tight grip on him and doesn’t even loosen it.

“It’s nice to see you here. Are you doing grocery shopping?” Jonghyun asks.

“Ah, yes. Monthly shopping. I can see that you are doing the same, Mr. Kim.” Kibum says softly. He puts the snacks Bomi was holding before into the cart the single father is pushing on.

“Bomi, come here.” Jonghyun calls, gesturing for his daughter to come to him. Bomi whines and shakes her head. “No, I want Teacher Bummie!”

Kibum is torn in between the girl and her father. Bomi keeps her hold tight on him and he has no choice other than holding onto her to not drop her. Jonghyun looks like he is having a difficulty in talking.

“I’m sorry about her. She is not usually this clingy.” The father apologizes and Kibum shakes his head. “No, it’s okay. Maybe she is just happy that she has time with you, Mr. Kim.”

Jonghyun ponders, seeing that his daughter wouldn’t let the teacher go anytime soon. “Actually, Teacher Kim, how about you come with us? Do you have any plan after this?”

“No, um, but I can’t possibly interrupt your family! I just –”

“Come with us! Please!” Bomi begs in his ear and Kibum finds two identical pairs of puppy eyes are staring hopefully at him.

“O-Okay.” He finds himself agreeing to them and Bomi cheers happily. The single father grabs onto his shopping basket and puts it into his shopping cart. It’s like an unwritten rule that the father goes to shop for things while Kibum is taking care the kid in his arms.

“We can get to the clothing store! I want you to help me in choosing new clothes for me, Teacher Bummie!”

“Alright,” Kibum decides to just follow the way. It’s not like he can do anything about it; Bomi wouldn’t even want to release her hold from him.

After the grocery shopping (with Kibum’s things are being paid by the single father as well), they head towards the clothing shop selling children’s clothes. Bomi insists that Kibum holds onto her the whole time and even asks for him to choose her clothes for her. Jonghyun stays back, watching them and playing with some frilly skirts for little girls.

“Daddy! Is this good? Am I pretty?” Bomi asks excitedly when she tries the pink tutu skirt she wants the most. The single father gives her two thumbs up.

“The prettiest.” He comments, making the little girl giggles in delight.

Kibum holds her up again in his arms as the father pays for the clothes the girl wants. Bomi insists that her father should buy some clothes too and they follow for her demand. But when it’s time to choose, she reasons that she doesn’t understand men’s style and forces the dumbfounded teacher to help her father.

“What kind of tie do you prefer, Mr. Kim?” Kibum asks shyly, fiddling with his fingers.

Jonghyun rubs the back of his neck. “The type that doesn’t steal attention.”

Kibum nods and goes to pick some. He lifts a few ties to compare them and even puts them to the single father’s chest to imagine it going with his formal dress shirt.

Bomi covers her laugh for most of the time.

After the clothes shopping (even Kibum gets some because Bomi insists that the teacher should get some and her father should choose some for him to thank him), Bomi says that she is hungry and Kibum, wondering when he will be let go, follows after the father and daughter to the nearest fast food restaurant.

Bomi asks for chicken nuggets and fries and ice cream. Kibum sticks with salads and the single father chooses for burger.

“Daddy, say ah!” Bomi stands on her seat, offering a fry to the father. Jonghyun smiles and opens his mouth, mimicking an excited kid when the fry makes its way into his mouth. Bomi giggles before she grabs another one and offers it to the teacher.

“Teacher Bummie, ah!”

Kibum shyly opens his mouth and gets a wide happy grin from the girl. Bomi slips into his lap and they eat together like one happy family.

Wait- what?

Kibum almost chokes on his food at the thought of that. How dare he imagine them being a family? He is no one but an outsider who Bomi has taken a liking of. Until when will she like him? He doesn’t know and when the time comes, he will have to be ready to let her go.

“Teacher Bummie? Let’s go?” Bomi tugs onto his shirt when he goes silent for most of the time during their meal.

“O-Oh, yes.” He stutters, lifting the girl down to her feet. Bomi grabs onto his hand while she takes her father’s hand with her other one, holding onto each adult on her sides.

If not a family picture, then what?

“Let me take you home, Teacher Kim.” The single father offers and Kibum shakes his head. “Oh, no, no! It’s okay! You have done so much for me today!”

“Please let me do it. You have to spend your day with us today so let me do this to pay you back.” Jonghyun says, his tone almost begging.

“But,” Kibum stops when Bomi gives him a pout. “Please?” She whispers softly, giving a face that looks like she can cry anytime soon.

He sighs and nods. The single father slips into the driver seat and Bomi tells him to stay in the passenger seat while the girl slips to the backseat.

The first few minutes they talk lightly, but then Bomi becomes tired and her head lolls to the side as she falls asleep. Jonghyun stares at her through the mirror and he smiles.

“I want to apologize for Bomi’s behavior today. She is not usually this clingy and I don’t know what happened to her. She is really excited and happy so I have to thank you as well.”

Kibum nods, fisting his own hand. “She is just happy that she can spend time with you, Mr. Kim. Sometimes she told me about you being too busy.”

Jonghyun hums guiltily. “I feel very sorry that I can’t be there for her, but I’m also thankful that you can fill that spot for her.”

“Oh, no! I’m not doing anything, Mr. Kim!”

“Please drop the formality. I guess we can be a bit friendlier after spending a day together?” Jonghyun laughs to ease the awkwardness, before he clears his throat, “You can call me Jonghyun. It’s okay.”

“Uh, o-okay.” Kibum murmurs, bending his head down.

He tells the address to his place and the single father drives him there. The rest of the journey is spent calmly with small talks. Bomi is already in a deep sleep by the time they arrive at Kibum’s place.

“So, this is where I live.” Kibum fiddles with his fingers. Jonghyun looks at the house.

“Once again, thank you so much for spending your time with us today. Bomi really loves you.” He says to the teacher.

“I’m glad… to know that.”

Kibum glances up and finds out that the single father is staring at him intently, making him feeling so shy and everything. He glances away and chews down on his lip, feeling so nervous and bothered by the fact that he can’t even look at the male in his eyes.

“Thank you, Kibum.” The single father says softly, reaching to tap onto his hand. Kibum jolts up in surprise and he nods his head.

“I-I have to go, um, thank you for the r-ride!” He chokes out, scrambling to open the door.

Kibum climbs out of the car and makes a move to close the door, yet he stops and sticks his head inside to say, “Thank you. Jonghyun.”

He closes the door and runs into his house, feeling his face so warm and he can’t even imagine how red his cheeks must be.


A/N: Bomi, the sly little puppy :3 Hehe~ Do tell me what you think about this chapter! Comments are deeply appreciated and will make me very happy! Thanks for reading! ^^

I don't know when the next update would be because I have to work on my thesis (T^T)/

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