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Title: In-between

Pairing: Chanbaek (Chan, Yeol, and Baek)

Genre: WolfAU, VampireAU, Romance, Smut, Angst, Fluff, Mpreg

Length: Series

Summary: Baekhyun, the omega bride for Chan, the alpha of the pack, gets his heart stolen by the vampire prince who goes with the name of Yeol.

Chapter 3

Baekhyun carefully waits until his mama falls asleep. He is nervous and afraid, yet at the same time he is excited and curious. For the whole day, his mind is filled with the thought of the creature named Yeol.

Last night when the creature left his balcony, Baekhyun was left with his mind pondering over who he is and how he knows his name. The creature’s eyes seem sad and there is some kind of longing in it. Why would he look so sad? It makes Baekhyun sad too.

There is this kind of excitement in Baekhyun at the thought of him doing this. It’s going to be the first time he goes out all by himself. For all these times, there will be at least one person coming up with him wherever he goes.

When the last light is out in the house, Baekhyun grabs onto his coat and ties it around his neck tightly. There is no way he can go out through the door so window should do. He listens to the sound of his mama closing the door to her room and it usually takes her around ten minutes before she would finally go to sleep. And that she is a heavy sleeper.

Baekhyun skips around nervously, before finally he decides yet, it’s the right time to go out.

He climbs out to the balcony and lifts a leg up, only to stop when he hears Chan’s voice in his head saying, “No going out alone without me, Baekhyun. Understand?”

Baekhyun chews on his lips, muttering, “I’m sorry, Chan. But I need to see Yeol?”

He carefully goes down through the balcony and thanks every being that his room is not that far from the ground. Baekhyun lands on his feet, almost stumbling and slapping his hands over his mouth to prevent his yelp from slipping out. As he takes a deep breath of the night air, Baekhyun realizes that he makes it. He goes out by himself and it’s the first time.

Excitement and euphoria fill his head and he skips out of the housing ground to slip into the forest as soon as possible. The faster he meets Yeol, the faster he could get back and pretend to sleep. His coat flies on his back as he runs towards the forest. When the smell of soil and leaves enter his nose, Baekhyun grins delightedly.

Now, it’s time to find Yeol. Where would he be?

Considering that he is a strange creature that Baekhyun has never seen before, he must be hiding somewhere so people won’t be able to find him that easily. Baekhyun walks deeper into the forest, simply following his instinct and by the time he walks to the deepest part of the forest, he stops in front of the rock cave. He doesn’t know what’s going on but his legs bring him there.

“Yeol?” He calls out softly, almost shivering at how familiar the name comes out of his mouth.

In the midst of the darkness, Baekhyun sees two red points. It’s so sudden, but he then finds hands holding onto his arms and the creature is standing in front of him.

“Baekhyun. You come.” Yeol whispers in disbelief and there’s a happiness seen all over his face.

“Of course I come. I promised you yesterday.” Baekhyun says as he lifts his head up to see the taller creature. He gives Yeol a smile and the male smiles happily.

“Hold onto me, Baekhyun.” Yeol whispers and he obeys to him, clutching onto his arms.

In a swift move, Baekhyun finds himself already inside of the rock cave and he gasps in awe. “How did you do that?”

Yeol smiles at him in the darkness. “We can do this all the time.”

Baekhyun smiles back in amazement and he wonders how he can see the crinkles on the corner of Yeol’s eyes while he is smiling when the cave is this dark with no sign of light at all.

Yeol lifts a hand up and caresses his cheek, making Baekhyun to close his eyes.

“You are so beautiful, Baekhyun. I have wanted to see you for so long. I finally can do this.”

Baekhyun opens his eyes at his words. “Who are you? I mean, what are you? I have never seen someone with your eyes?” He lifts his lithe fingers and Yeol closes his red eyes when Baekhyun trails the tip of his fingers along his eyelids.

“Can you promise me that you won’t run away even when you know what I am?” Yeol whispers silently and Baekhyun can notice the strain in his voice.

“Yes. I won’t run.”

Yeol nods his head, opening his eyes as he says, “I’m a vampire.”

“Vam.. pire?” Baekhyun stutters out. He might have heard that a few times but he never knows what it is. He gets a nod from Yeol. “Yes. I’m a vampire and… and our kingdom is the worst enemy to the wolves pack.”

“Is that why you want to meet me at night only?” Baekhyun asks.


“Tell me more about vampire.” Baekhyun finds himself saying that. He knows he should be afraid from what Yeol told him about them being enemies, but he can’t help this curiosity inside of him.

“We are the night creature, Baekhyun. It’s hurting us to walk during the day so we avoid it the best we can. And also… we drink blood.”

Baekhyun leans closer. “And then? What else?”

Yeol hesitates for a moment. Baekhyun reaches to hold onto his hand and finds it so cold.

“Yeol, why are you so cold?”

“Vampires are cold, Baekhyun.” Yeol says and he trails his hands up along Baekhyun’s arms, waking goose bumps all over his skin. Baekhyun whimpers as he shudders, but really, he likes being with Yeol. It’s the same feeling as when he is being with Chan.

“Wait.” Baekhyun whispers, his eyes widening. He holds a hand onto Yeol’s side of face. The vampire waits patiently. “You look very much like Chan!” Baekhyun says in surprise. How come he never notices this?

“Yes.” Yeol whispers.

“It feels like the two of you are—”

“Twins.” Yeol finishes his sentence for him. Baekhyun’s eyes widen in pure shock. “What? You two are twins?”

“It’s a top secret that everyone shouldn’t know. Even Chan doesn’t know. Your pack keeps it hidden.” Yeol mutters sadly. Baekhyun feels his heart churns in pain at the sadness reflected in Yeol’s eyes. What’s going on here? How come Chan is a wolf and Yeol is a vampire? And why would the people hide this from Chan?

“Yeol,” he calls out, caressing his cheek. Yeol lifts his head up and he smiles to him. “I’m okay.”

Baekhyun shakes his head. “You are sad. Why are you sad? Would you tell me?”

The vampire gives him a tight lipped smile. “I have so many things that I want to tell you, but I can’t. It’s not my place to tell you and it’s not the right time yet. Can you wait for that time to come, Baekhyun?”

He can’t. He wants to know everything but what can he do? It’s up to destiny, so Baekhyun nods.

“Can you tell me what can I do to cease your sadness?”

Yeol looks at him and Baekhyun finds himself loving those red eyes. The vampire holds a hand against the side of his neck, his thumb caressing his jaw.

“Can I… kiss you, Baekhyun?”

He shouldn’t let him, for he is the omega bride for his alpha Chan. But he really wants to say yes… so Baekhyun nods his head.

When Yeol presses their lips together, Baekhyun lets out a pleasured whimper. It feels like something is awakening inside of him and there’s a gush of warmth and cold surging through his body. He squeezes his eyes shut and throws his arms around the vampire’s shoulder to pull him closer, all his sanity has left him.

Their lips slot together, left and right, up and down, before Yeol leans back a bit. Baekhyun whines at the lost contact and he presses in for more. The vampire licks his lip, tracing the line in between his lips before slipping his tongue in between them. Baekhyun breathes heavily, opening his mouth wide and welcoming the vampire’s tongue inside.

It’s sweet and at the same time bitter. It feels so right yet so wrong. But Baekhyun loves it.

He tangles his tongue with Yeol’s, suddenly getting this braveness out of nowhere. He has never been kissed like this by Chan and this is the first experience for him. He likes it so much. Yeol is just as gentle as Chan, but he is more passionate, judging from the way he tilts his head aside to kiss him deeper.

Yeol draws back, a string of saliva connects their lips before it breaks off. Baekhyun opens his eyes and they are full of tears. Oh that hungry look in Yeol’s stare is too much.

The vampire leans towards his throat and Baekhyun tilts his head back. He feels Yeol tracing his nose and lips along his bobbing Adam’s apple, before moving towards the side of his neck. There is a tongue licking onto his skin, making Baekhyun feels bothered and hot all over.

“Baekhyun, I- I can’t.” Yeol whispers, pulling back and scooting away from him.

Baekhyun whines. Why would he back away when he is feeling so good?

“What’s wrong?”

Yeol lifts his hand up to cover his nose and mouth. “You smell so good. I can’t hold myself back—No, stay there! Don’t get closer!” He snaps when Baekhyun crawls towards him.

“Do you want to drink from me, Yeol?” He asks. What is he doing? Why would he ask that?

The vampire shakes his head in shock. “No- Baekhyun, stay back!”

Baekhyun unties his coat and lets it drop down, before he rolls his shirt down to show the bare skin of his shoulder. He is insane! What is he doing right now?! Baekhyun can’t even stop himself.

“I want you to drink from me, Yeol,” he mutters. The vampire closes his eyes when the sight of bare and white skin greets him. “Baekhyun, put your shirt back up. I’m not going to drink from you.”

The omega wolf whines. “Just a drop?”

“No- Baekhyun!” Yeol gasps when the omega scratches the skin on his shoulder. A few drops of blood start to seep out of the small wound and Baekhyun holds back a pained whine. He doesn’t know what’s going on with him. He just wants to have Yeol’s mouth on him again.

The vampire leaps at the smell of blood, nipping onto his shoulder and licking away his blood. Baekhyun’s eyes roll to the back of his skull, feeling so good and in euphoria. He can hear the sucking sound from Yeol’s mouth on his shoulder and oh, does it feel good.

A small moan slips out of his mouth before he can hold it back and Yeol leans away from his shoulder. He has the blood all over his lips, and Baekhyun follows his instinct to grab the vampire and crash their lips together.

They share a passionate bloody kiss before Yeol deems that he needs to stop or he won’t be able to send Baekhyun home. After he licks the wound clean and the skin closes up perfectly like there is never a wound at all, he helps the omega back into his coat and ties it perfectly.

“Go back home and sleep, Baekhyun.” He caresses his face.

Baekhyun grips onto his hand. “When can I see you again?” He sounds so desperate.

Yeol smiles. “Whenever you want to see me, you can come here and call for me. I will come for you right away.”

“Okay.” Baekhyun whispers sadly at the thought of going back home and being away from the vampire. Just in a short span of time, he grows so attached to him as if they belong together.

Yeol gives him a last kiss before he guides him out of the forest. Baekhyun walks back home alone in the darkness of the night and he climbs back to his room with a sigh.

Baekhyun stomps his feet on his bed, whining. He is away from the vampire no longer than twenty minutes and he misses him already.


A/N: Hehe~ Comments will be very much appreciated and will make me very happy! Thanks for reading! ^^

Next update will be unknown because I need to work on my thesis~ (T^T)/

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