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Title: Ardor

Pairing: Kaisoo, implied!Chanbaek

Genre: Soul mate!AU, Romance, Fluff, Angst, Smut

Length: Series

Summary: People are going to meet their soul mate at the age of twenty. Kyungsoo thinks he has lost his soul mate even from the beginning. Jongin thinks he has found his soul mate, but turns out he has not. Weird things happen and chemistry strikes before they meet their true soul mate.

Poster by: spearmint ░ graphic shop

Chapter 6

“He is so ridiculous! How come he faints like that?”

“Sehun, stop nagging,” Kyungsoo says in between his laughs. They lift the fainting Chanyeol back to the locker room and lie him down on the bench. Sehun starts sprouting about his silly and ridiculous their friend is. Fainting when meeting his soul mate? Wow, only Chanyeol who can do that.

Baekhyun is fidgeting with his fingers, feeling nervous and downright panicking at the state of his soul mate is in. Kyungsoo chuckles and pats his shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

Baekhyun sends him a look and there are unshed tears pooling in his eyes. “Is he going to be okay?”

“Don’t worry,” Kyungsoo laughs softly, patting him on his head. “He will wake up soon. I believe in my roommate. He will open his eyes in no time!”

His words send Baekhyun at ease and he kneels down beside the bench to watch and wait the tall boy to wake up. Kyungsoo watches from the side, ignoring Sehun who is now taking pictures of the pair (as blackmails objects in the future).

It’s funny and also endearing. Chanyeol has been waiting for his soul mate for like forever according to his story and he wants a dramatic meeting, doesn’t he? Now he gets it and he faints. Just the thought of it makes Kyungsoo wants to laugh again. Such a unique roommate he has here but he wouldn’t want another roommate other than Chanyeol.

“It seems like our sightseeing will unlikely to happen today, Baekhyun.” Kyungsoo says softly, watching his friend staring at the fainted boy with so much care. It’s nice to see a couple being in a bond. It’s always so nice to see since Kyungsoo can’t even experience it himself.

“Yes,” Baekhyun whispers back.

Sehun stops taking pictures. “He is waking up!”

True, as Chanyeol grunts lowly and he brings his hand up to rub his eyes. “When did I fall asleep?” He asks softly, blinking his eyes open.

He finds three people staring down at him, in which those people are his two familiar friends and another one is someone who he doesn’t even know but weirdly welcomes.

As if on cue, the pair’s eyes shine in the color of violet, again, but this time the color is a not as strong as before. It seems like they have overcome the strong pull.

“Hey,” Baekhyun calls softly, a tiny smile curls up on his lips. Chanyeol becomes a spluttering mess and he jolts up, rising up from the bench so fast that he knocks his head on the unsuspecting Baekhyun who can’t even see his sudden move. Both Kyungsoo and Sehun have already seen this as they have seen Chanyeol’s clumsy side for so many times.

“Auw.” Baekhyun whimpers, holding onto his temple as the dull pain spreads all over. Chanyeol panics and his mouth hangs open because he has just hurt his soul mate. He sends a pleading look to both his two friends and they tell him to do something.

Chanyeol grabs onto Baekhyun’s wrist to pull it away from his temple. His skin is reddening slightly and there’s bound to be a little swell tomorrow but it’s not that bad. Chanyeol doesn’t even know on what he is supposed to do so he pulls the hurting male into his arms.

Baekhyun stumbles against his shoulder, blinking his eyes in surprise at the sudden hug. Kyungsoo stifles a smile and grabs onto Sehun’s arm as leverage because watching the fluff scene is too much for him to handle.

Chanyeol chokes on his saliva when his soul mate hugs him back. They stay like that for a moment and Sehun whispers to Kyungsoo with ‘why are we watching this’. Kyungsoo slaps a hand over his mouth to silence him.

The pair leans away from each other and there is a blush on their face. Baekhyun is fidgeting about what to say and Chanyeol is a spluttering mess in trying to know what he should do next. They stare into each other’s eyes and they smile.

Sehun whispers again, “How long are we going to see this?”

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes and huffs in amusement. “Alright, alright.” Then he pulls Sehun out of the locker room to leave the newly met pair to be in their own world.

“Do you think they are doing the nasty thing in there?” Sehun nudges his ribs with his elbow and Kyungsoo hits his arm.

“Don’t talk about nonsense! Chanyeol is not that kind of man! He won’t be acting so—”

“They could be! I don’t hear them talking and it’s been thirty minutes they are staying in there!”

“Sehun,” Kyungsoo chuckles in amusement, “Actually, I want to ask you. Do you have a soul mate?”

The look in Sehun’s eyes dulls and he shrugs, trying to act nonchalant but Kyungsoo can see the sadness in his eyes.

“I did.”

“Did?” Kyungsoo asks carefully, not liking where this is heading to.

Sehun gives him a tight smile. “My soul mate is no longer here.”

“Where is he or she?”

“It’s a he and he is up there.” Sehun motions to the sky and Kyungsoo feels goose bumps all over his body.


“He died because of an illness. It’s not something we can predict or hold back, so I don’t blame anyone.” Sehun grins to him, grabbing a damp cup and wiping it clean. Kyungsoo clears his throat, feeling bad for asking such things. He comes up to the taller boy and gives him a back hug.

“I’m sorry for asking that.” He whispers softly against Sehun’s shoulder. He shouldn’t be too nosy about people’s life.

“It’s okay. You don’t know that why you ask.” Sehun tries to reassure him. Kyungsoo shakes his head no.

“But still. I should have known that it’s a secret because you have never mentioned about it.”

Sehun pats his arms and Kyungsoo lets him go. The taller boy gives him a lopsided smile and reaches over to pat his head. “Stop being so gloomy. You are infecting me, too. We should be happy that Chanyeol finds his soul mate and it’s even better that the person is your friend. Let’s just dwell in it and celebrate it.”

Kyungsoo smiles. “Okay.”

Right after that, they hear footsteps coming closer and they glance towards the sounds. Chanyeol comes out with a wide smile and red face, with a shy Baekhyun trailing behind him. Sehun narrows his eyes on the pair and he nudges Kyungsoo on his arm. He leans towards him to whisper, “See? I’m always right.”

Kyungsoo sends him a puzzled look and he tries to pay more attention to the other two. Chanyeol is smiling and the redness on his ears is too much. The skin surrounding his mouth is red and his lips are kind of swollen as if he has just eaten something spicy, but Chanyeol can’t eat spicy things—

“What?” Kyungsoo breathes in disbelief and he glances towards a shy Baekhyun who scoots back to the seat he previous sat on. The male’s lips are also swollen and red and,

“Oh my God.” Kyungsoo chokes, unable to distinguish in between laughter and gasps. Those two were making out in the locker room right after they met?

“I’m right! You throw the trash today, Kyungsoo!” Sehun snorts and slaps his back, sending Kyungsoo stumbling forward against the counter, still being shock and all.

“How are you going to do this, Chanyeol?” Kyungsoo asks as they lay on their own bed on that night.

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“About you and Baekhyun. I mean… Baekhyun stays in another town and you are here. How are you going to manage it?”

“We talked about it earlier,” Chanyeol starts and he takes a deep breath, “and we agreed to stay on our respective places.”

“What?” Kyungsoo sits up on his bed. How come?

“Hey, calm down!” Chanyeol grins at him. “It’s not that bad! We will just stay and meet up occasionally! He can come visiting me here or I can come to visit him there. University doesn’t take that long until we graduate. After that, it’s either I move there or he moves here. We will just talk about it later.”

Kyungsoo breathes out softly. “Oh. I see.”

“Do you think we are not going to be together?”

“Yes, I almost think that way,” Kyungsoo admits, “I don’t think that far.”

“You are so kind, Kyungsoo! You worry about us! I’m so happy to have a roommate like you!” Chanyeol barks out with a laugh. Kyungsoo smiles at him. “You are also the best roommate I could ask for, Chanyeol. Thanks for being my friend.”

Chanyeol sits up, grinning widely. “Kyungsoo, can you tell me more about Baekhyun?”

“Hmm,” Kyungsoo smiles and reaches over to light up the bedside lamp. “Sure. What do you want to know?”

“Everything!” Chanyeol throws his arms in the air, making Kyungsoo laughs in delight.

“Sehun, can you come with me? I don’t know they right shop to get all these things.” Kyungsoo tugs onto the boy’s shirt. He gets the duty to stock the inventory today and since he hasn’t strolled around the town that much, he gets a bit problem in finding a few things.

Sehun unties his apron. “Okay. Let’s go. Let’s just take the café’s motorcycle. Do you want to drive or me?”

“You drive. I can’t do that.” Kyungsoo laughs and Sehun snorts, ruffling his hair.

Chanyeol is currently daydreaming while taking the counter duty. He has his phone in his hands and he can’t stop smiling whenever it beeps from a new message.

“He is whipped.” Sehun comments. Kyungsoo nods and they call Chanyeol that they are going, but the tall boy doesn’t even hear them.

Kyungsoo sits on the back while Sehun drives the motorcycle. With their helmet on, they go to the shop where they can get the things to fill up the inventory.

“Do you think we might need much? Can we hold on it during the journey?”

“You do it. You are the strong Kyungsoo. I will drive.” Sehun teases him as they step into the shop. Kyungsoo huffs, pushing him away on his arm. The tall boy grins teasingly at him and throws an arm around his shoulder just to tease him more.

Kyungsoo picks the things while Sehun holds onto the cart and they really have to move faster because the sky is cloudy and it’s about to rain anytime soon. If they are lucky, they can get back to the café right before the rain will pour down.

“Okay. Done. Let’s go—” Sehun stops talking when he sees Kyungsoo.

“Hey,” he chokes out, stopping Kyungsoo from walking any further.


“Kyungsoo, your eyes,” Sehun whispers in disbelief. Kyungsoo glances and sees his reflection on the glass window. His eyes shine in the color of mint. What does this mean?

He closes his eyes. “L-Let’s go and hurry b-before the rain pours down!”

What is this? Why would his eyes shine? He is not meeting… anyone, right?

They grab onto their things and Sehun steals some worried glances at him. Kyungsoo moves faster, wanting to get out of the shop and to go back to the café as soon as possible, yet he stops when he stumbles onto someone who is about to enter the shop.

Kyungsoo takes some steps backwards and lifts his head up to apologize, yet his words get stuck in his throat.


It’s Jongin. Oh God, he is here. No wonder his eyes shine! And it’s no different for Jongin! They must be looking like two idiots here.

“Kyungsoo, I have been looking for you.” Jongin says, reaching a hand out to touch his arm yet Kyungsoo slips away from his reach. He doesn’t want this now. Sure, he heals and he feels better now but he doesn’t want to face this NOW. He is not ready, for God’s sake!

“I have to go.” He murmurs, slipping away but Jongin covers his only way out. Kyungsoo grips onto the shopping bags in his hold.

“Please! Can we talk? I have so much to say to you!” Jongin flails around, panicking when he sees that he is about to leave.

“Kyungsoo,” Sehun’s voice finally is heard as the tall boy sees that his friend is looking uncomfortable. Kyungsoo glances to Sehun and sends him a pleading gaze that is asking to be out of here right now. Sehun gives him a slight nod.

“Excuse me, we have to go now.” Sehun tells as he grabs onto Kyungsoo’s shoulder and helps him away from the other male.

Kyungsoo secretly thanks him and they hurriedly run to their motorcycle, ignoring the shocked Jongin by the entrance way. When the shocked male finally comes back to his sense, Sehun has already helped Kyungsoo to put on his helmet and they drive away from the place.

“Kyungsoo.” Jongin calls softly, watching the motorcycle drives away from him.


A/N: They finally meet!

Guys, Best Days of Our Lives fic fest starts posting tomorrow! I joined and wrote 3 fics for the fest! Hope to see you around the fest (and hope you can find which stories that are mine) lol But support the fest! ^^

Thanks for reading ^^ Comments will be very appreciated and will make me very happy!

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